Strange Folk 2011

Friends, I mourn.

Because I have just attended what I fear may be my last ever Strange Folk festival.*

So, of course, I appreciated the hell out of it while I still could.

Remember my challenge from late last week?  By Thursday evening I’d finished the largest portion of the calf.  I knitted during the entire Cardinals game – and on the train, both ways – on Friday night.  Then I woke up at 7am on Friday, knitted the foot, and kitchenered-off at about 9:30 while Jeff was in the shower.

I had plenty of time, dudes. No sweat.


(That color is accurate, if a bit overdark).

Further proof (photos taken Saturday evening back at home):

And then I’m all, “Holy shit did I really just knit a pair of knee socks in 5 days?”

There HAS to be a 12-step program for knitting.  Please tell me there is.

I love those knee socks, though.  The yarn is glorious, and made that much more special by the consideration shown in its procurement.  It’s the perfect combination of knitting + love.  Jeff rocks.

Anyway.  Strange Folk.  (My mind is way too scattered lately…)

That banner gives me a happy.  A sight for sore eyes.

I think this was the largest I’d ever seen the festival:

In a way, approaching that field was like coming home.  I knew exactly what to expect, but at the same time I had no idea what I’d find.  I love that feeling.

I also love how they have the adoptable animals strategically located near the entrance/exit, and these awesome directional signs scattered about:

Kitten cheeks = universal navigation.

I really wanted to take these babies home with me:

I bet you can guess how THAT turned out, though.  ::sigh::

(Tenth Life, y’all.  Great organization.  Give them money, or take a cat.)

After Jeff dragged me away from the kittens, I started yarn bomb stalking:

I love it.

So cool:

You know Jeff and I can never resist a cupcake:

It provided the vital energy required to go forth and shop.

Speaking of shopping (and people-watching :-)):

We also nommed gyros (Jeff) and chicken sausage in dubious casing (me, and I won’t be doing that again.), and caught up a bit with Kara, Deborah, Sharon and Mindy.  Allegedly Kim was there, too, but I didn’t see her.

All this went down with a background of great music – every singer/group I heard was fantastic, especially the harpist: who knew that “Space Oddity” lent itself so well to the harp?

The booths were all amazing this year: great variety, and very little duplication of genre.  All my favorites were there, as well as some newcomers.  Everyone I spoke with was super nice,  and my only problem – as usual – was that I was unable to purchase something from everyone.

(I’m also, apparently, too shy to ask people to take photos of their booths:  I didn’t get a single one, even of Dyeabolical and their primo location.)

I was good.  As good as I could be.

This was my favorite: Lets Be Friends had a whole bunch of super adorable furry stuffed”Woodland Friends” monsters, and I wanted to take them all home with me.  Until I saw that she also had mystery Woodland Friends: you buy a little felt bag…

And open the top stitching, to reveal your mini Woodland Friend inside!

That’s about the cleverest thing I’ve ever seen, and I love my tiny new Woodland Friend.  (He’s destined to live on a shelf in an eventual Hoopling nursery, I’m thinking.)  I hope the shop owner puts some of her other Friends online soon, for you to see!  They’re all just so adorable.

(Update 9/27 – I just found some great photos on Flickr, from another festival attendee.  Here are the full-size Woodland Friends!)

This apron was my “big” find, a half-apron from Thimblism:

Check out that print:

Is it not absolutely fantastic?  And I love a half apron with a pocket.  So useful.

I also found a yarn (of course):

That’s my first dose of Dyeabolical Bling sock, and I think it’s destined to be some pimpin’ winter socks.  I may invent a pattern and call it “Pimpin’ in a winter wonderland” and it’ll have mountains and snowflakes and swirling drifts.  And bling.

I also got some more Candle Kitty tart melts and a little tealight:

These are seriously the best-smelling soy candles ever.  Love it!  (I got the melts in “Amish Harvest”, and it’s amazing and complex and wonderful.)

And from Rar Rar Press, a “Knitta Please” button:

My life is now complete.

Bonus Woodland Friend goodness:

My face looks happy, but my heart is sad: because now there’s no more Strange Folk.

Thank you, Strange Folk, for all the memories.  And music.  And food.  And stuff.

PS>For a fun sense of deja vu, check out previous posts here and here!

PPS>Upon reflection, it turns out I incorrectly attributed the source of my awesome necklace in last year’s post – must’ve gotten my business cards mixed up.  That necklace was from Anna Ourth Jewelry, and this year I had to go by her table and tell her how much I love that necklace.  And wish to purchase all the rest of her inventory.


*Unless the winds of fate change and for some reason we’re still living in St. Louis this time next year.  Which is highly unlikely – pending some clerkship-related anomaly – given that Jeff has received a lovely job offer in Washington DC.


5 responses to “Strange Folk 2011

  1. Strange Folk was amazing! I finally got to meet Dyeabolical and I really like her a lot. I must have seen you at some time, unless you were around when I was at lunch. Bummer because I was rather much hoping to meet you as well. Our booth was right next to RarRar Press, we are Yarn Geek.

  2. WIsh I had been there. And I really want some knee socks of my own.

  3. Congratulations to Jeff on the job offer! I know how much you want to live in a new place.
    And awesome knee sock. I’ve always thought that knee socks have the ability to make legs look extra long and hot. So, congratulations on the extra long, hot looking legs.

  4. Can I come visit you in Washington DC? Sara and I were just talking about the fact that I need to go there to the smithsonian. she saw things!

  5. Many congratulations to Jeff on the job offer (it’s a tough legal market out there!) Time to explore a new locale – just think of all the new yarn shops, restaurants, bookstores & thrifting opportunities… Best of luck to you both!

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