KC Renfest 2011, and starting the long goodbye

This is, I think, the first of our “lasts”.  Last weekend we went to KC to visit some family, eat angel food cake, and take our annual “sometime in the vicinity of my birthday” trip to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  A tradition we’ve held for six years running, it’s not one I’m eager to turn loose.

There’s comfort in certain things like this, isn’t there? Knowing you’ll always see the same vendors in the same locations, get to eat the same food, watch the same acts, hear the same stupid jokes about your dog being a ‘pack mule’.  But at the same time, you never know what new artisans or performers will show up, or when the price of a tiny cup of mead will leap to $7 (!!!).

So even though this was familiar and comfortable and a good way to appreciate a “last”, it was every bit as fun and exciting as always.

Our little smiler just keeps being more and more well-behaved…

(She sat on that dude’s foot for the entirety of the joust, and he absolutely didn’t mind.  Methinks he’s used to big goggies.)

Really.  $7 for mead:

(and an out-of-focus photo).

At $7 per, we decided to just split one and then go buy a whole bottle at Randall’s.  Because we’re cheap and, apparently, old.

And, of course, the joust:

This year we decided to keep a tally of the “pack mule” and “workin’ for a livin!” comments from our oh-so-witty fellow festivalgoers.

Surprisingly there were only about 12, all day (much, much fewer than ever before. Seems that Jeff and I have perfected our “fuck off” faces.)

I haven’t grabbed a picture of it yet, but my souvenir this year is something I’ve had my eye on for a while – a bread baker from Ayers Pottery.  Photo shamelessly stolen from their site:

I haven’t used it yet, either (Yeah. Fail.  Sue me.), but I think this weekend I’m going to make a batch of blueberry bread in there, and call it a “giant muffin”, and it will be delicious.

Goodbye, KC Ren Fest. I’ll be back someday, but probably not every year.


So when I mentioned that whole ‘first of the lasts’ thing above, I wasn’t being overdramatic (well, I wasn’t *trying* to be overdramatic, at least).  Last night Jeff and I were lying in bed talking about our impending move, and we decided that we need to take advantage of our remaining months here in Missouri.  So, in classic “Type A” form, we’ve started a list.  And because I know you’re SO INTERESTED, here it is.  These are all things that are Missouri- (or at least Midwest-) specific, which we’ve either not done before or want to do again before we run off.

They are:

Cahokia Mounds

Nelson Art Gallery (this is a running thing – for over six years I’ve been promising to take Jeff there during one of our KC trips, and we’ve just never gotten around to it)

Hannibal, MO

Chicago (y’all know we love our weekends in Chicago…)

The Brass Armadillo

Crown Candy Kitchen

Lawrence, KS


Plaza Frontenac (eeeet’s so faaaancy!!!! I mainly just wanna go and feel like a redneck. And go to Sur La Table)

Hillsdale BBQ for a gallon of sauce

Country Club Plaza/Crown Center (maybe this holiday season to see the lights :-))

The list is subject to change, as we remember more things.  And right before we leave, we’re planning a “farewell to St. Louis” day of other places we’ll surely visit in the meantime (our frequent offenders, if you will) that will include the likes of Ted Drewes, Fozzie’s, the zoo and Left Bank.  But that’s for next spring/early summer.

What would be on your “must visit” list if you were leaving your city?


5 responses to “KC Renfest 2011, and starting the long goodbye

  1. Grant’s Farm, Lou Boccardis on the Hill, City Museum, City Garden. We’re doing the same thing … And I remember when Jeff went to Cahokia Mounds in pre-school. His little friend in my car would not put on his seatbelt, so I stopped on the JB bridge and said, “Put it on or this car won’t move!” His mother said, “Oh, we don’t do seat belts.” Please …

  2. Crown Candy, St Louis Art Museum, the Zoo, Ted Drewes, Botanical Gardens (free before noon on Wednesdays and Saturdays), City Gardens downtown, the Arch, the Riverfront, the Central West End, Gus’s Pretzels, Shameless Grounds, MoKaBe’s, Tower Grove Park, Forest Park, Grant’s Farm, O’Connell’s Pub, South City DIner, Subterranean Books, The Vine, Ari’s, Olympia, Soulard Farmer’s Market. I’ll think of more.

  3. I don’t like all this “last” talk. I’ve gotten all attached to having you around every Wednesday. Add bike Grant’s Trail to the list. I love being able to bike right up to the clydesdale pasture.

  4. I’d like to add Annie Gunn’s, Moolah Theater, City Coffehouse and Creperie to the list 🙂

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