Rectifying a sad situation

I can’t remember the last time I had such a busy, productive, satisfying weekend!  Seriously – this was amazing.

On Saturday I woke up early, made that blueberry bread and got a couple hours of knitting time.  Then Jeff and I went out for a day of fun(!).  We started with lunch at Fozzie’s

(that there is what happens when I surprise Jeff mid-chew.  I’m surprised he still likes me.)

You’ve gotta try their curry chicken salad.  OMG.

I have dreams about this stuff. Seriously. And then when I wake up, I go get some. And eat it.

Then we went to The Book House (remember that place?), to use up some Groupons we’d acquired.  And I took more pictures of the store’s awesome interior, because I love it with all my heart.

It really is sheer perfection.

Love the kitty, who was very pretty and not overly enthusiastic about me messing with it.

Here’s what we found:

I seriously have, like, a bazillion books to read right now.  My book queue is surpassed only by my knitting queue :-D.  As per usual, Jeff’s books seem interesting to me but (most of) mine are completely snore-worthy to him.

After the bookstore, we headed out to Mills Apple Farm, which Jeff’s cousin Katie G. had recommended to us last year after the travesty that was Eckert’s.

I am extraordinarily pleased to report that Mills did not disappoint.

(In fact, if that picture is any indication, Mills made me positively deranged with excitement.)

Now – I ask you – doesn’t this look nice?

Notice the conspicuous lack of bounce house, corn maze, or $20 souvenir photo opps with Johnny Appleseed lookalikes.

We got a half-bushel bag and waited for the tractor to take us to the field.  There were kittens and a play area for kids and a tiny, cozy store to explore.  It was quite refreshing.

See? Isn’t that exactly how it should be? (answer: yes, yes it is.)

I love an orchard. I mean – who doesn’t?

They only had golden delicious and granny smith left for you-pick, so we did our full half-bushel of the latter.

Jeff is a good apple picker.

(and if you looked at last year’s post, you might be led to believe that Jeff only owns one shirt. Or, at least, one apple pickin’ shirt.)

I’m good at multitasking.

I peek!

I peek all ze apples!

We filled up our half-bushel, and headed back to the store to check out.  We’d been told that there were some Jonagolds in a bin in the store, so I decided to get a half-bushel of those as well…

Those are my favorites. Perfectly sweet and crisp, and wonderful for cooking or eating fresh.

Behold: one bushel of our blood, sweat, and tears!

(Or, rather, a pleasant afternoon’s picking.)

I also chose a thing of raspberry preserves (they had honey, too, and a DELICIOUS smelling bakery, but we didn’t get in on that action).

Oh, and cider! Gotta have cider (got cider).

All in all, I was INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED LIKE WHOA with Mills Apple Farm.  It was exactly what I was looking for last year.  And now I have a bushel of apples! (Whee!)

But alarmingly enough, Saturday was actually my “relaxey” day.  Sunday was busy.  Oh, how busy.



7 responses to “Rectifying a sad situation

  1. Observation from a long-time apple picker: Don’t buy apples anywhere they don’t sell honey. Because without bees, there are no apples and that means the apples were shipped in rather than grown on the premises. Second observation: There is not much that can beat fresh apple-blossom honey.

  2. Dude. I made your blueberry bread yesterday. AND LO IT WAS AWESOME. (Even though I used rehydrated dried blueberries, and I suspect not quite enough of them.) (And do NOT own a cool Big Muffin Baker. So it’s just a loaf.) (ALTHOUGH, this makes it easier to hide it from the kids, because once it is wrapped in tin foil they are all “oh look, another loaf of something that is probably one of Mom’s boring whole wheat healthy-things, who cares?!”, bwa-hahaha, mine, ALL MINE.)

  3. Please tell me you made vanilla extract with your vodka. (my mouse is moving without actually moving. Just the arrow thing is moving but the mouse is sitting on my lap desk completely still. freaky?)

    The apple picking sounds absotutuely fantastic. 😀 But if Jonigolds are your favorite you’ve clearly never had Michigan grown (and not shipped) Honey Crisps. That is all I have to say about that.

  4. Looks like fun! Honeycrisp apples are my favorite but I have yet to eat an apple I didn’t like. Can’t wait to hear about Vodka….. 🙂

  5. What a perfect day you had… I’m kinda jealous! Looking forward to that vodka post… 😉

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