Hookers and blow are NEVER the answer

Jeff is out of town, and I’m easily bored. And excessively fond of the sound of my own voice.


So I made you a video about nothing, so you too may enjoy the sound of my voice.


(And you say I never do anything for you…)


PS>The cake recipe.  Kara’s version.  Phoenix Rising.  And, in case I’ve inspired you to also abuse your dog:  Roxie’s packpack.


7 responses to “Hookers and blow are NEVER the answer

  1. I was also home alone tonight. We probably could have entertained each other.

  2. I adore you but I was really hoping to see Roxie in your blog, and you delivered. I thank you.

    Cute rolling pin shirt!

  3. You totally are the first person to ever do anything off Pinterest! EVER!

  4. Hi Kate, Haven’t been able to find any current posts, are you ok ?

  5. I second the inquiry–you are missed!

  6. I, too, am a kfb girl. I got your back, woman! 🙂

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