My advice: buy stock in Coppertone

When the “Where are youuuuuuuu?!??!?!?!?” comments start rolling in, that’s how I know it’s time to blog again.

My apologies for disappearing for a couple weeks.  Honestly, I’m touched that you missed me.  Or at least, pretended to miss me.  Or didn’t even do that. But all that aside: here I am!

Some stuff that’s been goin’ on:

1)I’ve been plugging along on Christmas knitting. I’m not sure if I’ll hit that arbitrary “by Thanksgiving” deadline, but I’m definitely in good shape to get it all done (and then some!) before the holidays: just 3 moderate-sized projects to go! It helps that the weather has been cool and rainy, which only encourages me to curl up with knitting and ignore everything else I could/should be doing.

2)This weekend I’m going back to Allstar to talk to Nate about my next tattoo.  That’s also going to (probably) be my final tattoo for a while.  I’m super excited for it, and can’t wait for to get it and share it with you.  I think you’ll like it too 🙂

3)I hosted a tea party for work people. We had scones and tiny sandwiches and fruit salad and pinwheels and cookies and candies.  It was all quite elegant.  And fattening.

4)Halloween was cool this year.  I wore my costume to work (a first for me).  Can you guess who I was?

How about now?

(That was Jeff’s costume. He refused to dress up, but I have MS Paint so I didn’t need him to, anyway).

Get it?

I was Jen, from IT Crowd!  (And Jeff was involuntarily “my boyfriend who looks like a magician”)

That was supposed to be a group costume – the Roy-ish guy in my department was going to dress like Roy, and I’d been begging the Moss-ish guy to dress like Moss. I’d been nagging him for weeks. I’d offered to procure the costume myself, all he had to do was show up and wear it.

So, of course, the Roy-ish guy did wear his costume, and the Moss-ish guy let us down.  “Crestfallen” doesn’t even begin to describe it, let me tell you.  What could’ve been epic was only just awesome.  But still.  Halloween FTW.

5)I went to Kampai last night.  This isn’t especially noteworthy or anything, but I just had to brag.  Damn I love Kampai.  My most favorite sushi ever.

6)Jeff got a clerkship and we’re moving to LA next summer.

OK that’s all I know.  Love and puppykisses!





…OK, OK, I’ll elaborate on that last one.  Remember the job interview I mentioned in my vlog?  Turns out that went pretty darn well (like we all knew it would; that’s what happens when you’re a Rockstar Law Student).  Jeff got an offer, we accepted it*, and next summer (probably just after he takes the bar in late July), we’re moving to LA for a year.

Y’all know me:  I am NOT an LA type of person.  Like, at all.  At all.  I can confidently state that, based off the advice of multiple friends who are acquainted with the city.  And also with me.  (And no they’re not imaginary).  So in a bid to make me feel better about the whole year-long adventure, a Pinboard was created.  Now I have stuff to do in California, and a bunch of things to look forward to, and it’s only for a year, and then it’ll be awesome.

You (read: I) can do anything for a year:  even live someplace with no appreciable winter and where rain is a Weather Event.

And with something like a 364-day growing season, I’ll be bringing my pressure canner, with plans to CAN ALL THE THINGS!

See? I made a picture:

That’ll be me.

I also made this picture:

Two things:

1)I hate palm trees. I think they’re freaky and ugly and unnatural.

2)I REALLY hate palm trees decorated with Christmas lights.  It’s sad and pathetic and not at all funny or pretty.

I have agreed to follow Jeff to LA, on the condition that we absolutely DO NOT decorate a palm tree with Christmas lights.  And also on the condition that he not make fun of me when we leave LA, and that he fully indulge my need to purchase a couple hundred pint and quart jars.  And fill them with jams and preserves and salsas and who-knows-what-else.

And really, is that so much to ask?

But really, I am still feeling a bit of anxiety about the whole thing.  I’m excited for Jeff’s opportunity and a year’s time to do touristy stuff ‘n’ stuff, but I still have no sense at all for the culture, or the neighborhoods, or anything.  Jeff’s going to be working at the courthouse downtown, and I know that public transit kinda sucks out there (eep! my lifeline!), but I don’t know much more than that.  I’ve heard good things about South Pasadena, FWIW.  And I know that the sushi and vegetarian food is plentiful and good.

We’ll be going out probably sometime in April or May to find housing, but in the meantime…

Any advice, m’dears?


*The firm that Jeff worked for this past summer is holding his job offer for a year.  This is one of the particulars of the whole Law thing:  firms love it when their associates have the chance to clerk, and are more than happy to let you go do that, while still knowing that you’ve got a job there for after.  Pretty badass, if you ask me.


18 responses to “My advice: buy stock in Coppertone

  1. LA would make me a little nauseated as well. I don’t blame you. I mean, you really should be coming to Ohio for leisure.

    I need to stop by here more often. I miss you and stuff.

  2. I have no advice, because I loved L.A. and would move there in heartbeat if I possibly could, so all I will say is that it’s so huge, and so diverse, that I’m sure you’ll be able to find an area you don’t hate: and hey, it’s only for a year 🙂

  3. Just think of all the new yarn shops, bookstores & restaurants! I lived in California back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and my favorite thing was the farmer’s market – 12 avocados for $1!!!

    Also loved Yosemite, Sequoia/Kings Canyon & Joshua Tree, the wineries, the coast, you’ll have lots to explore

  4. 1. You are sooo funny. Seriously your writing made me laugh the whole time I was reading it (in a good way).

    2. I did Christmas knitting last year. I’m taking this year off. Nothing like knitting two hours before you’re supposed to give the gift.

    3. Just think of all the cool shops in LA and the WARM WEATHER. All year long.

    Wow, did I just number my comments? Who does that?!

  5. I lived in LA for several years in the ’90s, and *loved* it. I also lived near enough to the ocean (a couple miles inland, but on a hillside facing the water) that I got that oceanside microclimate where we only needed AC one or two days a year, and the rest of the time it was just perfect weather. The only thing I really disliked was, after a couple of years, not having proper seasons — in the fall, just when I’d be expecting things to turn brown and start dying off, instead it would rain and everything would turn massively green and it would act like spring. VERY confusing.

    Anyway, prices have gone INSANE since I lived there so I can’t offer any advice on neighborhoods, but I will warn you that Pasadena does tend to get some of the worst smog, even though it’s otherwise a lovely area to live.

    Just be prepared for traffic, traffic, and more traffic. And, from what I hear, knitting shops on every corner — but I can’t advise you there, either, when I lived in Lalaland, there were only a couple. Things have definitely changed. 🙂

  6. Okay, I haven’t lived in Cali for several years but I will always have a soft spot for my home state. Like the above comments, traffic, traffic, traffic. People are laid back and for the most part, friendly. But be prepared for all the namebrands and name dropping you will encounter. Anything your heart desires there will be a store that sells it and if you are craving any sort of food you will find a restaurant that makes it.

    It does lack the Midwestern hospitality (that I have now grown accustomed to) but remember that most of the people there are from other states too so if they act all snooty about you being a newcomer, tell them to suck it 🙂

    Enjoy your year! I look forward to your Cali posts! ❤

  7. Good to see you back……I had just finished reading the blog from the start and then ….nothing…..Had me wondering what whas happening !
    Congratulations on the new job, I am sure you will find lots to do and see while you are there.
    The heat has its good points, clothes for a warm climate cost less(you only need one layer) so you will have more to spend on yarn and everywhere is aircon so you can still knit all the time:-)

  8. I was overwhelmed in LA. There is soooo much driving! But the farmers market is cool and I hope you can find a part of town to live in that is convenient for Jeff and so you don’t have to drive everywhere.

  9. Well I’ve never been to LA so can’t be much help with advice but great news for you both and good to see you back!

  10. Doesn’t that catknittingwoman crazyauntpearl live there? can you hook up with her and take pictures of other cars whilst she drive you to your next yarn store? I love your attitude, dude!!! Jeff’s so lucky to have you in his life, … am I!!!!
    How about going to a library and offering to teach knitting classes?

  11. I”ve never even been to L.A., but you might want to check out Ellen Bloom’s blog “L.A. Is My Beat”:

    She’s lived in the L.A. area all her life, is a crocheter and knitter, and is always blogging about fun stuff to do and see in L.A.

  12. Rebecca in SoCal

    I’ve been living north of San Diego for decades now, so I’m excited you’re going to be “nearby” (OK, in the same time zone). My best advice, especially after looking at the pinboard, is what I wish I had taken when I lived near DC: remember you’ll be here a short time, and take advantage! Being so close to so many cool things, GO OUT to the ones you want to see.

    Also, if you still have any interest in quilting, get thee to the Road to California “quilter’s conference and showcase” (or something like that) in Ontario in January. Look it up, and if you’re interested in classes, be aware that some sell out fast (like, in hours from the midnight(?) on-line opening of registration).

  13. Good to see you back! So much new, exciting news! I’ve never been to LA, but I understand your anxiety about the move. I’m glad you’ve got some things to look forward to there, and I’m sure you’ll wind up having some amazing adventures!

  14. I’m not a terribly big fan of LA, but they do have a Fluevog store there, so at least that’s a plus 🙂

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