I’ve been knitting on my lunch break…

If I were a wise person, I would put actual Christmas knitting in my goes-with-me-everywhere knitting bag, and I would knit on *that* during my lunch.


But I am not a wise person. At all.  (And as you shall learn in just a couple days, I’m also a very smug person.)


So instead of working on a gift to be given in less than 20 days, I am knitting socks for my giant-footed cousin: a gift with no deadline or incentive for quick completion whatsoever.

HA! A test!  Here is where the knitters shall be culled from the non-knitters.


A non-knitter’s response to the above photo:  “Yes, that appears to be the leg of a sock, being knitted on funny-looking pink needles.”




Excellent question, knitters.  And my answer?


I have no fucking clue.  But as of right now it’s not behaving as a tangle – the working yarn still feeds from it freely and evenly – so I’m just holding my breath and hoping that it remains so.


Please, yarn gods, smile upon me for once.



5 responses to “I’ve been knitting on my lunch break…

  1. When things like that happen I just take a small ziploc bag and cut one corner off and stuff the yarn in. The yarn feeds out the little hole you cut and the yarn cake won’t get any worse (or so one hopes!). I do that a lot as a preventative measure if I know I am going to be hauling a certain project around (especially if it is lace or fingering weight. that stuff is a pain to get untangled and there is SO MUCH). Hopefully it works well for you! (I reuse the bags, of course. no one can accuse me of not be eco-friendly)

  2. Oh wow, that’s a mess. But you’re right, as long as the yarn is feeding out okay, don’t tempt fate! If it does tangle irredeemably and you don’t have the patience to untangle it yourself, there’s a group on Ravelry of people who just live to untangle yarn for anyone in need.. I can’t remember the name of the group, but trust me, those people are experts! 🙂

    I’m currently knitting socks for my husband, who fortunately only has size 10 feet. If they were much bigger, he would still be begging me for socks, I suspect…

  3. I guess I must be a real knitter because that mangled yarn cake was the first thing my eye went for and I felt a pang of sympathy. This happened to a yarn cake I was knitting from this weekend — maybe it wasn’t wound tight enough? — but it only got tangled near the very end. No big deal.

  4. my first thought was either a cat or a 2 year old has been involved with this. fingers crossed.

  5. I just spent 2.5 hours untangling a knot that Eric managed to get into the yarn with a single swipe. So I lost out on 2 hours of knitting. Sad Face. I suppose it’s okay because It’s time to take the “thing” off the needle and I don’t know how. lol I think I need to do what Katie does every time as preventative measures against the small people in my house.

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