Of tie dye and evil

Does it ever happen to you where you’re driving down the road and all of a sudden you notice something that you swear has NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE, except it always has?  Like a Chinese restaurant in that weird-looking building that used to be a Dairy Queen.  A car wash tucked behind Walgreens.  Or hell, even a McDonalds that your eyes just always automatically skipped over before.

It’s not like those things didn’t exist; you just – for whatever reason – completely failed to notice them every single day until now.  And then for a minute your brain has to do weird little reconciliation tricks, and you feel like a giant idiot, the least-observant person in the whole world.

That’s how I felt on Sunday when I was folding clean laundry.

There I was, going on about my merry business, turning Jeff’s socks rightside-out and fighting a losing battle with pyjama drawstrings and hoodie cords.  Jeff was studying in the office and I had 21 playing in the background.  Roxie was off licking her ass somewhere.  It was all quite idyllic.

As I smoothed out one of the hankies I got from Tama last year, though, I abruptly paused.  I maybe did an overexaggerated cartoon-character head shake.  (cue high-pitched xylophone sound here).

Because – for the first time ever – I saw them, right there on my black tie-dyed handkerchief:

Do you see what I see?

How about now?

No, sillies, it’s not Jesus.  That wouldn’t make any sense at all.  The image imprinted on this hankie is, quite clearly…

Uncanny, isn’t it?

How very, very odd to think that for over a year now, I’ve been occasionally blowing my nose right onto the face of ol’ Annie Skywalker.

Now that you know what the game is, what do you think lives here?

I’ll give you two guesses on this one.  Is it:

a)The virgin Mary


b)A badger?

OMG IT’S TOTALLY A BADGER, Y’ALL.  On my black tie-dyed hankie.

Mind (and nose). Blown.*


4 responses to “Of tie dye and evil

  1. and I think the top one looks like chewbacca! put your glasses on girlie.

  2. …snickers….the virgin mary……

  3. The very notion of Darth Vader tie dye makes me very happy indeed!

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