Again with the miscellany

Tomorrow is the big family Xmas dinner.  My parents are coming into town this afternoon, and they’re staying through Sunday morning.  I still have quite a bit of baking and cooking to do (though, not nearly as much as a few years ago!), so this may be my last post for a few days.  I’ll try and remember to take pictures along the way, though 🙂

If I don’t see ya, happy holidays!

And now, random things…


This year, Target is selling delightful little hat and scarf sets for the kitteh in your life.  And you know I bought one.  And wrestled it onto Macbeth, and then made him pose for pictures with Daddy.

Awwww…look at his little hateface!

There’s something about cute things being full of loathing that I just find absolutely irresistible.  (I’m still talking about the cat, by the way)

He kind of wants me dead now.  You can tell:

And because torturing one hapless beast isn’t enough, of course we had to break out the antlers for Miss Rox.

(Not only is she unhappy about the antlers; she’s also sick to death of watching Chopped and Cupcake Wars.)

Wozzie wasn’t feeling particularly cooperative, though, and eventually she just gave in to her fate…

“Oh, the shame!  Shame, shame, shame…”

Enough of that silliness.  Next!


Y’all know I’ve got awesome and crafty and housewifely.  So when Morgan approached me with a tricky stain, I was happy to do my best to help.  She had spilled some red wine on a friend’s shirt, and couldn’t get it to come out fully. So I promised to give it a shot: I knew I could make that stain invisible one way or another!

Observe, stained spot:

It’s light, but it’s there (puddle around the black “X”).

I couldn’t get the stain out completely, so decided to do the next best thing:  mask it, in a tasteful way.

So I went to the craft store and found a small, tasteful, subtle patch…

And then I oh-so-carefully applied it to the afflicted area:

Just call me Heloise, bitches.

Can’t even see that stain.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.*


Last but certainly not least, I got a WONDERFUL package in the mail yesterday, from Kathy!  It arrived at the end of a rather tiring and frustrating day – the nicest surprise I could’ve asked for!

Look at all those wonderful goodies!  Some hand towels, cards, super-cute knitting sign (which is now hanging in my craft room :-)), tea mugs, and beautiful lady!  And the nicest card I’ve ever read.

I haven’t named the lady yet, but here’s where she’s living:

On my dresser, right next to the beautiful mother-of-pearl box that Jen sent me from Korea!  This little space makes me happy 🙂

Thank you so, so much Kathy!  Now I must plot my revenge… 😀


Oops, I forgot – one more thing!  Check out this little bit of Type-A satisfaction:

What’s that?  Oh, just THE MOST PERFECT WRAPPING PAPER SEAM EVER, of course. One in a million shot right there.  The pattern couldn’t have matched up better if I’d tried!

Now that’s beauty. 😀


*OK, the real story is that when the stain wouldn’t come out, Morgan bought her friend an identical, replacement shirt.  But it was determined that some fun should still be had, anyway.  So I did the above, and Morgan presented it to him with the story of, “I couldn’t fix it, so I hid the stain for you!” before giving him the real replacement.


5 responses to “Again with the miscellany

  1. LOOOOOVIN’ Macbeth’s and Roxie’s costumes. Possibly lovin’ the Pluto patch more.

    I wish you lived near me, because I know you’d bake me something yummy for the holidaze.

  2. Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

  3. Sending you wishes for a happy and healthy new year! 🙂

  4. Type-A wrapping ownage! I may have fantasized in the depths of gift-wrapping frenzy about being able to do this on all presents…

  5. Those pictures of Macbeth are hilarious, tfs!

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