Reasons for my good mood

I am in SUCH a good mood today, y’all.  An unreasonably good mood.  A borderline creepy, why-the-hell-is-that-idiot-grinning-as-she-walks-to-work mood.




1)All of the congratulations and well-wishes and nice thoughts and emails and Tweets and FB messages that you guys have sent me (and Jeff) since the announcement on Monday.  You have truly touched my shriveled little heart.  And I’m so glad that others share in our excitement!*


2)I have finally resigned myself to the fact that St. Louis just doesn’t get winter this year.  It’s going to be 62 degrees today.  So I’m trying reallyreallyhard to trick my brain into thinking “yay, early spring!” rather than “boo, tepid winter!”.  It might actually be working.  A bit.


3)I’ve made two batches of cinnamon rolls in the past two days, and have not yet eaten a single one. I’m OK with this.  Come to knitting tonight if you want one, though.


4)Last night I cast on for a new project, and for the first time in what seems like ages it’s something that I want to make, with no deadline or impetus for hurry.  Just a simple, quick little knit (of a nature that I’m sure you can surmise).  Nevermind that I still have two Christmas gifts outstanding.  ::waves hand dismissively::  I’ll get to those next.  Aforementioned new project is being made with yarn I acquired on Sunday at Ewe Knit Yarns**.


5)We had Red Robin for dinner for the second time in two weeks.  Just in case you were wondering, I made you a graph of my lifetime Red Robin consumption habits:

And for this I blame Jessica and her constant talk about the stupid restaurant.  And its onion rings.  ::shakes fist:: DAMN THOSE ONION RINGS!


As I told Jeff last night though (while we nommed onion rings), he may as well just wait a week or so, because at some point soon I’ll surely get over this Red Robin kick and move on to something equally nutritious and delicious.  Like IHOP, or gas station cheese sandwiches.  Or maybe half-rotten pears.  YOU NEVER KNOW.  ‘s all I’m saying.


6)Some things haven’t changed, though.  Like my love for clementines, of which I have consumed three 5-lb bags in the past 8 weeks.  I’m pretty sure this thing is gonna come out bright orange with a Cuties sticker on its forehead.  And I just bought another 5 lb last night, and Jeff laughed at me as I danced merrily and starry-eyed through Target clutching the box to my chest.***


* As an aside – since this whole thing got rollin’, I have had the line from this ecard stuck in my head.  It’s true:

**AKA the last yarn shop in the St. Louis area at which I had not yet darkened the door.  It’s a lovely shop, and now I feel quite silly for having not gone before.

***I asked for clementines for Valentine’s day.  He got me tickets to West Side Story instead.  I forgave him 😉


8 responses to “Reasons for my good mood


    “I’m pretty sure this thing is gonna come out bright orange with a Cuties sticker on its forehead.” — Please make it so.

  2. Missed your announcement earlier, so many congrats to you and Jeff! I remember my little parasite demanding to be fed cheesesteaks… the Philly kind, with Cheez Whiz and all. Those demands didn’t last too long… pity, I rather enjoyed having a reason to eat like that. So… enjoy those onion rings, clementines, etc. as long as you can!

  3. Cravings are weird! (I crave onion rings at the bowling alley on Saturday nights & I’m not even pregnant – although lately the onion rings might be making that hard to see visually)
    I was a blue raspberry slurpie’ish drink (fine – a popsicle will do!) in one hand, beef jerky in the other hand (preferably at 2AM) kind of person for child #1. Child #2 did not want meat – there shall be no meat consumed (until the shrimp breakthrough in month 8), cooked or prepped within a 5 mile radius of me!

  4. Red Robin is the best. I bet you never get over it. I’m like 2.5 years post partum and I crave it weekly. No shame!

  5. Congrats to you both!

  6. luullll, you can knit the bebe a little cuties hat!!!!

  7. and for a second there I thought you were gonna mention egg salad, which was the best I ever made!!

  8. WHICH REMINDS ME: Congratulations!! 🙂

    Also – Big Macs. I NEVER eat them in Real Life, but three out of four pregnancies? MUST. HAVE. BIG. MAC. NOW!

    …weird, man, WEIRD…

    (at least yours is GOOD food…mine is just…blech…why not CAT food or something SENSIBLE, huh?!?!)

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