And this is why the cat needs therapy

We just enjoyed one of those perfect spring weekends that only comes along once in a great while.  I mean, yeah it was rather stormy on Saturday.  But storms are pretty and fun, and we were inside so what do we care?  And maybe I didn’t do quite as much housework as I’d have liked.  But I’ll do it tonight.  ‘s all good.

Bottom line is that this weekend we had shopping, adventures, a humiliated cat and deliciously mediocre mall food court food.

I’m practically farting rainbows, y’all.

It all started on Friday night.  We went to the symphony, had an awesome time, and were home in our PJs by 10:00.  Jeff had picked out a super sweet onesie from Sprouted Designs for HH at Green With Indie last week, and I was dying for someone – or something – to model it.


Luckily for Roxie, she’s entirely too big to wear a size 6-12 month onesie.  Unluckily for Macbeth, it fit him perfectly.


Awwww…kitteh hatred is so cute!

I can’t decide who’s more bemused here:

But I love how Macbeth tries so hard to look dignified.  SO HARD.

So after just a minute, I pulled the wee tee off my kitteh and spread it on the floor.  Where he proceeded to do this:

*I* say that that indicates Macbeth’s excitement about getting a new brother or sister.  *Jeff* says that Macbeth just likes to roll on anything new and exciting on the floor.

But that doesn’t matter, because Macbeth has no shame anyway.  NO SHAME.


That’s enough of that silliness.

On Saturday morning, with the weather looming ominous (thus preventing us from partaking in any outdoorsy adventures), Jeff and I decided to go clothes shopping.  He was in need of a wardrobe refresh (read: I threw away his 3 holey-est pairs of shorts last fall, leaving him with 0 pairs of shorts  for spring), and I wanted to try and find some maternity clothes.

I don’t really need maternity clothes yet, mind you.  At 17 weeks, I’m still in the midst of what is termed the “too many cookies” phase.  But I haven’t gotten new clothes in ages anyway and I don’t much see the point in buying non-maternity clothes that I probably won’t be able to wear ’till 2013, so maternity it is.

So with that said, here’s what Jeff found:

and here’s what I got:

That’s one “real waist” maternity skirt (OMG GENIUS), one pair of maternity jeans, one dress that I don’t plan to leave the house in, one cardigan, one buttondown that’s rather Ma-Duggar-esque but is at least work appropriate, and about 10 assorted tanks and tees.  Oh, and another belly band.  I’ve since added this GAP jeanskirt to the stack, another lightweight cotton sweater, and I have a few cute dresses and skirts on order from Old Navy.

I can’t really wear any of it yet (and probably won’t be able to for another month or so), but I feel better just having it on hand.  In the meantime, I’m happy with my normal clothes, and adding belly bands to a couple of my tighter skirts.  I also made this picture in appreciation of foldover-waist jersey skirts:

’cause it’s true.  OMG so comfy!  Last year these were the territory of lazy weekends and evenings, but now they’re total work wear.  And I dare anyone to try and stop me. 😀

But that said…maternity clothes FUCKING SUCK.  Gah.  I got so frustrated.  Everything runs so huge. I guess they assume that when you get pregnant you’re supposed to get fat all over, because I was positively swimming in most of the size XS and S stuff I tried on.  That also means that everything at Macy’s and almost everything at JC Penney was too big for me – I’m just glad they have size 1 and 2 at Old Navy and GAP.  Otherwise in three months I’d be running around like a POWM in a too-tight track suit and wife-beater.  Probably start smoking, too, just to complete the ensemble.

I have also figured out that there’s a great maternity clothes conspiracy.  There are three things that I want:

1)Not expensive

2)Not polyester

3)Not fuck ugly

I learned that you can pick two of the three.  But NEVER all three.  EVER.

And OMG the tent-like stuff.  EWW.  Just, just EWW.  Like hell am I gonna run around dressed like Lucille Ball.

This is where the side-rouched tees and tanks that I got at Old Navy will come in handy.  Even though I don’t have anything to fill them out yet, I can tell that those will be highly preferable to the baggy, drapey shit that was mostly what I saw yesterday.

Honestly, “not expensive” is the variable that I’ve rather given up on (or at least, compromised on).  I got several cute used things at Kangaroo Kids (including the real waist skirt, which was $12 and still had its original Old Navy tags on) but I’m not gonna lie:  I paid full price for the GAP skirt, and I’d do it again.  I figure that since we’re planning on having more than just one or two kids, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to get my money’s worth out of something basic like that. But I’ll be damned if I’m paying twenty bucks apiece for plain t-shirts, you know?

OK that’s enough ranting. I’m just gonna get mad(der). 😛

One of the things on our not-a-bucket-list was a visit to Cahokia Mounds.  Jeff had been telling me about that place for years, but like so many things we just never went.  UNTIL NOW.

Look! I climbed a mound!

Look! So did Jeff!

There was a scenic view of St. Louis (this was only like 15 minutes from downtown, on the Illinois side):

I also found a caterpillar:

and a four-leaf clover:

AND I convinced Jeff not to throw me off a mound as a sacrifice to the law school gods.  So that’s good.

In conclusion, stairs are for weenies:

Real men clamber up the side.

That’s enough for now.  You’re probably sick of me anyway 😛

PS>Mindy, if that onesie isn’t enough cat humiliation for you then just wait ’till you see what I’ve got planned next…

6 responses to “And this is why the cat needs therapy

  1. Y’know, I have lived in the greater StL area my entire life (minus those college years, but even then I was still in the Midwest) & I’ve STILL never been to Cahokia Mounds.

    Fiona Falafel likes to expose her belly, too. Cat has absolutely NO SHAME.

  2. Target has some pretty bitchin’ maternity clothes. They are (relatively) inexpensive (seriously. WHY IS MATERNITY SO EXPENSIVE?!) and I am genuinely jealous that I cannot wear any of it. Don’t trust me? Just go look. You will be ridiculously well dressed.

  3. Hey, I know this is a bit weird b/c I am an Internet Stranger, but I just packed up my maternity clothes (insert victory dance here) and would be happy to send some your way rather than toting them off to the Evil Christian Thrift Store. Email me if you want details/pics!

  4. That kitty can seriously rock a onesie!

  5. Test comment

  6. Please tell me you checked out Target for plain T’s and other such basics.

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