This always happens

Jeff and I KNOW better than to go to the local bookstore with $75 worth gift cards and a Saturday afternoon to kill.


We know better.


But we never learn.


I love Left Bank.  I will miss it sorely when we leave St. Louis this summmer.


(Also?  I read The Hunger Games last night, in one sitting.  Such a great, quick read. I love the universe they created – and even though it was really dark for a young adult novel, it also felt like nothing was gratuitous.  Sort of reminded me of The Giver, which was one of my most beloved books as a preteen.)


(Also also? In the interest of self-preservation, I’ve decided to read Raising Freethinkers before delving into The Handmaid’s Tale.  I don’t think I can handle too much dystopian fiction all at once.  I ain’t THAT masochistic.)


(Also also also?  I will never crack any of Jeff’s three scifi paperbacks.  No sirree.)


5 responses to “This always happens

  1. Did you know that there are THREE Giver books? I think I knew about the second one (‘Gathering Blue’), but the third came out in like 2006 (‘Messenger’), which is after I graduated from high school.
    Just checked goodreads…it’s going to be a quartet now with a book coming out this year called ‘Son’.

  2. SunflowerCrochet

    The Giver books are so wonderful. I read the first two, but I haven’t gotten to read the last one, so I still don’t know how the story resolves. I really need to go re-buy them (Katrina ate mine). Also–Time Enough for Love is, by far, one of the greatest books I have ever read. It is AMAZING.

  3. ooooooo the handmaid’s tale. so quirky. I read it years ago and then again a couple of years ago. and I think they made a movie too.

  4. Oh Katie!! I happened upon your blog by accident, and I AM SO GLAD I DID! I lived in StL all my adult life, moving there to go so school (Jewish Hosp. School of Nursing) got married, raised 2 kids, got divorced, remarried, and 81/2 yrs ago moved to Florida. I HATE it, but hubby loves it here. My kids are still in StL. It’s wonderful to read about a place and know JUST what you are talking about!! (I’m surprised not to read about the balloon festival, or has it gone the way of Eckerts) Even Chicago-I have family there! I am also a knitter, although not as proficient as you. Just wanted to let you know you are making me happy, so THANK YOU! I’ll keep reading!

  5. I love The Handmaid’s Tale! If you fall in love like I did, Margaret Atwood has MANY other fiction books, some just as dystopic some not so much.. but every single one I’ve read I’ve loved. I always like to have a new one sitting on my shelf waiting for a semester to end or a vacation to start.. cracking it open feels so good 🙂

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