FO’s for HH

Opinions vary greatly on knitting for a bebeh while gestating.  My unofficial research seems to indicate everything from “ALL BABY THINGS ALL THE TIME NOW!” to “meh.”

I suppose I fall somewhere in the middle.  I’m not about to stop knitting for myself or Jeff or my friends/family, but I have found myself – quite logically – drawn to making wee things, too.

Like this:

Since we’re not finding out HH’s gender before it appears, I’m trying to make most things gender neutral.  This is theoretically neutral – being grey and cable-y and all – but it also seems sort of boy-ish, yes?

The pattern is Sunnyside, and the yarn is Cascade Heritage sock.  This thing (knitted in the smallest size, with obvious short-sleeve modification) only took 60-70g.  If that’s not an economical knit, well, I don’t know what is.

The pattern as written calls for the cables to all go the same direction, but I went ahead and alternated them (the raglan cables all end at the arm divide), for a little bit more symmetry and prettiness.

Love the buttons, too.  Jeff picked them out:

Those are from my grandmother’s button box, which she gave me when she and Granddad moved to a retirement community last year.  I love Grandmother’s button box so much more than my own.  She keeps sets neatly strung on bits of thread, and some even have tags telling which garments they go to.  It’s so tidy.  Mine, however, is…not.

Anyway, I love the way that teal looks with the grey yarn – really brings out the blue tones, yes?

Maybe this will be a “if HH is a boy” sweater after all, and I’ll make a tiny little FBS or something for if it’s a girl.

I also made another soaker (you can never have too many soakers):

That’s my first go of the EviePants All-in-One pattern, with the ribbed waistband and short ribbed legs.  The yarn is Dyeabolical non-superwash worsted, in “Flower Shop Inferno”.  (I love this colorway)

When I got the yarn from Rachel, I pointed out that it would be shat upon.  Apparently the yarn agreed, and so it obligingly pooled in golden orange right over the bum:

Very clever, yarn.  Very clever.

This pattern is nice.  Honestly, there’s not really much to its bones that you can’t discern on your own, but I do like all the variations (long pants, skorts, ruffle-butt bloomers, and various pretty edgings).  I’m sure I’ll use it again and will get my money’s worth out of that steep price tag.

Do me a favor though, eh?

Let’s not talk about what I’ve *not* been knitting, while churning out all these Hoopling things.


6 responses to “FO’s for HH

  1. Nice to see you having fun with the little knits, they are somewhat addictive as they are so quick and very cute. I made a Baby Surprise Jacket last winter, its a bit quirky and so much fun to see it take shape, there are links to it from Yarn Harlot….so many colour ways.
    Hope you are feeling well and getting excited about your move.

  2. Imagine if it’s twins…

  3. I am charmed how the yarn pools in to stripes and then gets messy on the business end. Oh pooled knits, how I love thee…

  4. Oooooh, the cardigan is PRECIOUS. My word. Perhaps a little boyish without a kiddo in it, but trust me… if you have a girl and you put her in an organic ally dyed pink onsie underneath that gorgeous sweater, it will be just perfect. Either way. Lovely.

  5. Take a picture of the button box puleeeeaaase, I wanna see it now.

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