“It’s not even funny”

I’m almost done with a sewing project (I’ll show you in a day or two), and Jeff came up to say hi.  I told him, “I’m so close to being done with this, it’s not even funny.”

And then I thought.  WTF is that supposed to mean, anyway?  “It’s not even funny.”  Doesn’t that expression indicate that if I *weren’t* nearly done with the project, it would (should?) somehow be funny?

Scene:  A comedy club from the late 80’s.  On stage is a microphone, a barstool with chipped matte black paint, and the omnipresent exposed brick wall.

I walk on stage.  Since it’s the 80’s in this fantasy, my hair is in a high, kinky ponytail and my bangs are frizzed and puffy.  I’m wearing high-waisted jeans and a neon-colored top.

“Hi everybody,” I say, grasping the microphone with day-glo pink fingernails, “I’m going to tell you a joke.”

(Don’t ask why, in this dream located in a comedy club I must prepare the audience to hear a joke.  Just roll with it.) 

I lean into the microphone, eyes twinkling with mirth, and say, “I’m not nearly done with my sewing project yet.”

Then I stand back, staring at the audience expectantly (looking more than a bit like an eel).

The reaction:  dead. silence.

Why? Because it’s not funny anyway.  It’s not not funny, it’s just not funny.  Sort of like a grocery list, or this blog post.

I need to stop overthinking things.  Right.  Off to run errands.


One response to ““It’s not even funny”

  1. SunflowerCrochet

    I love the comparison to eels. I had not seen that meme before, thank you!

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