Perfect for baby shit, of course

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve wasted no time breaking Hazel in – she’s just finished helping me make a cool 55 simple, double-sided flannel baby wipes:

Finished the whole stack of ’em in no time flat.  It was magical.  A lot of zigzagging, a few bobbin refills, and that was that.  Hoopling’s butt is ready to be wiped.


They were the easiest things ever, but if you really must have more details:

I took about 10-12 different flannels and cut them to 7″ square.  Then I put them all in a canvas grocery bag, and mixed ’em up:

Here is where I tried *really really hard* to turn off my Type-A brain: for each wipe, I just reached into the bag and grabbed two squares, matched them right-side out, then stitched them together in a zig-zag at 3/8″ and pinked the edges for good measure.


Nothin’ to it, seriously.


(This one is my most favorite):


I gave them a nice warm wash and dry with vinegar and soap nuts along with the flannel rag blanket (still forthcoming, that post…), and they puffed up and frayed most endearingly:

Just *tell* me you don’t want to nom that sandwich.  I dare you.  (I mean, since they haven’t touched baby poop yet.)


I do love flannel so.  It may be my most favorite of all the fabrics.


What should I sew next? I’m thinking about stitching up one of the quilts that Grandma cut for me, or maybe making some burp cloths for Hoopling.


7 responses to “Perfect for baby shit, of course

  1. Lovely lovely. I think I need more since newborns get changed a zillion times a day, so I’ll have to break out the serger after it gets here and do the same. I am too lazy to zig zag AND pink if I have the serger. So glad your new machine is working for you. I love my vintage machines, but they don’t mistreat me for the most part. 😀

  2. They’re lovely. I look forward to seeing the lovely things you will create. I’m jealous.

  3. I love ’em. It has to be such a pain to try not caring which two were together. 🙂 I’d use my serger for it too. But your edges look just adorable all stacked up like that.

  4. lovestory220

    I really wanna break out my machine again. Thanks a lot. XD

  5. LOVELY! Those flannels are so purty.

  6. Love them! Remembering how many wipes I went through in a day, I think you should sew at least another 100 🙂

  7. That is such poopy fun!!!! I can’t wait to see what you whip us next too. I’ve decided to buy myself a serger this year, I’ve been wanting one for so long.

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