Just what every California baby needs

I think I mentioned recently that when I went to Jo-Ann to buy baby wipe flannel, I got to chatting with the clerk at the cutting table.  We were talking about quilts, and seeing as how I was having her do 1/2-yard cuts of 10 different fabrics, she naturally asked if I was planning to make a rag quilt.

It just so happens that I *wasn’t* planning on doing that, until she planted that idea in my head!  So I quickly added a few more yards of fabric to the cutting pile, and a devious plan was hatched.

(As an aside – this was the final project made on Frankenmachine, and this was also the day that sent Jeff fleeing from the house as I wailed and gnashed my teeth at that cursed POS.)

I know they’re a total fad and really common, but I must say: I loved this quick little project.

Guided by this awesome tutorial, it came together really quickly (even *with* the sewing machine difficulties).  I decided to cut my squares to 7″, with 1/2″ seams, for a finished quilt that was 42″ square. I also omitted the batting, figuring that would be pretty unnecessary in southern California.


I started the day with this:

and ended the evening with the entire thing pieced and the outer edge snipped.  I finished the snipping a few days later, then hauled it to the laundromat (at the tutorial-writer’s suggestion) for a hot wash and tumble dry.

This was seriously the easiest thing ever.  EVER.

(I love the soft, ruffly edges)



Now it’s stored away in a bin with other odds-and-ends we’ve made/received for Hoopling, and I’ll bust it out once we get to California.  The only problem is that since it came together so quickly and easily, now I want to make about a million more! 🙂


10 responses to “Just what every California baby needs

  1. So cute!!!! I tried making one and it gave me a nervous breakdown!! I have to stick to knitting 🙂

  2. beautiful! I love the prints you selected.

  3. I’ll take one.

  4. Oh I love that!! Any binding? I hate binding.

  5. Who cares if they’re all over the place right now? It’s the fabric choices that make it REALLY lovely. It looks great!

  6. That looks so cute and snuggly, I am sure the baby will have hours of fun looking at all the pretty colours and designs.If you can’t help making another, it could be kept as a gift, you won’t have a lot of spare time for a while when the baby is small, so a gift ready made is a good idea.

  7. Ooh, I like that! Hmm, 14 days to my due date, and I’m two thirds through my hand pieced cot quilt top. I wonder if I’d have time for one of these for Bonus Baby! I’m thinking that might be a bit optimistic! I’ll have to bear it in mind for later on though. Lovely!

  8. A it’s adorable!!!
    Make the skirt, its adorable too.

  9. Wow that quilt is incredible! I love it & I am sure your hoopling will too.

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