Either crazy or brilliant

Last year I got a plain black jersey maxi skirt at Nordstrom rack for something like $20, and have rarely taken it off since.  It’s one of four or five non-maternity skirts that I can (at over 24 weeks pregnant) still wear.

So someone tell me if I’m completely off my rocker when I say…

I think I’m gonna try to make this:

That link and photo up there is to an *awesome* tutorial from Elle Apparel (seriously, you should check it out), which makes the sewing look so easy that hopefully even an idiot like me can manage.

And if I manage to screw it up eight ways to Sunday?  Well, if nothing else that’ll be an entertaining blog post, too.  But it will be fine.  Awesome, even.  Just you wait and see.



PS>My machine can only hold one spool of thread, so I’m going to do a blind hem.  Because that’s the way to guarantee that an experiment goes well: start changing shit around before you even start.


5 responses to “Either crazy or brilliant

  1. Just use a stretch stitch and don’t pull the fabric while you sew! Knits are super fun to sew with once you figure it out (it’s not that hard. you just have to realize you are guiding the fabric through the machine and that the machine has the right to control it. Also, don’t start at the very very end of the fabric. otherwise the needle will push the fabric into the bobbin thingy (technical term).

  2. you can do it for sure… I bet you’ll be wearing them into month 9..although if you’re in CA I bet their less Maxi and more Mini.

  3. Best of luck! Looks like a super comfy skirt. =)

  4. Hope you have fun making this , it looks great.
    Blind hemming takes a bit of practice, but that one is waaay down near the floor, so maybe you don’t have to be so exact about the stitches not showing, just match the thread VERY carefully.

  5. I made this after you blogged it. I had seen it before. But your blog gave me the push to do it. It was easy. But I need to make it smaller. It stretched after wearing it a bit. Maybe I just need to wash it. ha. Anyway, hope you post some pictures.

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