Jeffloveman, Professional Badass

Jeff graduated summa cum laude from Washington University’s School of Law on Friday.

I am so freaking proud of my handsome, smart husband that I don’t even have words.


(I’ll try to find some words, no worries).

For three years, I watched this dashing, brilliant man work his ass off, to get where he is today*.  He worked ridiculously hard in class, was an editor on the Law Review, worked for WU’s Environmental Law clinic, TA’d for a terrific faculty member, found two awesome summer associateship/internship opportunities, got hired as a federal judicial clerk for after graduation (and then an associate at a firm for after that), and managed to do it all while staying in the top 1% of his class.

(He got named recognition from the dean during the ceremony!)


And did I mention that he did all this while teaching and tutoring LSAT prep, playing Skyrim, occasionally washing a load of dishes, dealing with a hyperactive dog, taking glamorous international vacations, and putting up with me?

(I am in one picture from the day, and I look like a flippin’ beached whale in 3 1/2″ heels.)

Yes, that devastatingly attractive, clever gentleman above has managed to do it all.  BECAUSE HE’S JEFF-FREAKIN’-HOOPS, GUYS.


So really, making him a celebratory cheesecake was the *least* I could do.

(After the ceremony we had a lovely family get-together, hosted by Jeff’s cousins.  It was the perfect way to wrap up an awesome day.)


I love you Jeff, and I’m so proud of you I could just squeeze you until your head pops off.  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZE.


*”where he is today” actually = “sitting at home prepping for the Virginia bar.”  THE MAN NEVER TAKES A BREAK.


9 responses to “Jeffloveman, Professional Badass

  1. He sounds like an overachiver. Congrats!

  2. “playing Skyrim” – hahaha, amazing. Way to go, Jeff!

  3. Congratulations to Jeff, sounds like he’s done excellent and deserves all the cheesecake! I’m slightly jealous about the whole graduating thing – two more years of grad school to go for this girl.

    {For the record: you do not resemble any marine mammal, beached or otherwise. You look gorgeous in that photo, seriously!}

  4. The true evidence of Jeff’s brilliance is that he was smart enough to marry my daughter.
    Way to go, Jeff & Katie!

  5. Go team Hoops!!!

  6. Most wonderful! Congratulations to the whole Hoops Family –
    PS. just wait till month 9 – that is an awesome look 😉

  7. Aww, you look adorable and GO JEFF! That’s so awesome. I got your yarn today and I think my squeal could be heard in three counties, you have mad spinning skills that I am super envious of. Now to decide what to knit with it! So clever to give a thank-you giftie that keeps on giving!

  8. Congrats to your husband! Looks like we were at the same graduation! I also graduated from Wash U this past weekend. And I’m a little late to this but congrats on your pregnancy, what an exciting time for you both!


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