St. Louis Renfest 2012

Jeff and I went to Renfest yesterday.

I’m not gonna lie, the event itself was a little bit anticlimactic.  There were fewer booths than ever before, and a lot of the best shows and performers were nowhere to be found.  Not sure why – is it just the economy driving a lot of the pros away? Or is the St. Louis Renaissance Festival itself just sort of dying out?

(FWIW, the Kansas City Renfest last fall was as awesome as ever. I also imagine that a lot of the same people attend both, or – if they just go to one or the other – choose the KC one instead.  KC Renfest kicks ass.)

Anyway.  The day wasn’t all bad.  Far from it.  Because Jeff just got sexy new sunglasses:

(even the lady behind him thinks he’s hot.  Hands off, lady. He’s mine.)

And maybe this was a lack of forethought on our part, but we had completely neglected to consider what happens when you take a guy in handsome dark RayBans, and add one large yellow dog wearing a backpack:

Because when you combine the two…

What can I say?  We got her at “Discount Service Dogs ‘R’ Us.”  Slightly defective. 50% off.

I found this entirely too entertaining, let me tell you.  Like the evil horrible bitch I am, I positively cackled when Jeff first told me, “I think that guy over there thinks I’m blind.”

So then of course I spent the whole rest of the afternoon trying to lead him into trees and confuse perfectly nice, innocent bystanders with pictures like this:

I mean…is it my fault that people can’t tell the difference between this and this?


(Note: In case it’s not abundantly clear above, I’m not making fun of blind people.  At all.  Or even well-intentioned people who mistake a pibble with a backpack for a service dog.  Well OK, maybe the latter group a little bit.  I just think it’s funny, ‘s all.)


6 responses to “St. Louis Renfest 2012

  1. OMG, the ‘this and this’ phonts cracked me up. I see why the dog was 50% off. LOL But I bet he makes a great family dog and that’s what it’s all about, right? Sorry to hear that there was less at the RENFEST. We have one each year here in Arizona and it is always jammed packed with vendors, people and entertainment.

  2. I will say that some service dogs do wear backpacks. My cousin’s did, at least. He was in a wheelchair, not blind.
    I am totally a renfest nerd. Michigan Ren Fest is pretty awesome if you ever get the chance to go. I don’t know if you have it at any of the ones you have, but we have a jail and it’s awesome. You pay to have a warrant put out on one of your friends and the ‘sheriff’ comes to put him in jail until you deign to have them released. It’s fantastic.

  3. A blind lawyer. How completely and absolutely appropriate.

  4. I wondered if we were going to hear about this… I have never gone to any of our local renfests or anything like that, but may try and talk my friends into it!
    Hope you and the little (growing!) family are doing well!!!

  5. I just attended OKRF held in Muskogee, OK. the venders were plentiful. the stage acts were great….and no one seemed concerned about the state of the economy. If your fair wasn’t as great as it was last year, it could be several things which cause this. I have never been to the St. Louis ren-fair. I went to KCRF in 2008 and had a great time. Hope fair season works out for you….

  6. Thank you for this. I laughed so hard that Diet Coke came out my nose. It was totally worth it.

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