Five years ago today

I can hardly believe it, but it’s true:  five years ago today, I learned to knit.

On Thursday, June 7, 2007, when Jeff and I were newly married, still living in Kirksville and finishing up our undergrad degrees, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some straight needles and Red Heart, and did this:

It took me 20 minutes to cast on three stitches, and the rest of the afternoon to create a few wobbly, mistake-ridden rows of garter stitch:

My heart aches for the tender young thing that I was, so dedicated and so confused.

I started to sort it out pretty quickly, though: the next day I learned to purl, and three days after that I was off and running.

And I haven’t looked back since.

Now it’s been five years (my gawd I can hardly believe it), and I’m still on the knitting journey.  We’re living in a different city (soon, a different state), Jeff just finished law school, we acquired this thing sometime along the way, and there’s the impending arrival of Hoopling.  Our lives are just about as different as they could be.

Except for the yarn everywhere, of course.

So how does one celebrate an occasion so momentous as a half-decade knitaversary?

How about with an FO?

(Yeah I know, any more self-congratulatory pats on the back and I’m liable to pull something.)

As the Knit Night-ers can attest, a few weeks ago I got a bee in my bonnet to make Veil of Isis, after getting lusty-lusty grabby-grabby about the one that Amanda at Knitorious made.  So rather than steal hers, I decided it might be better to make my own.

About 6 weeks later, I was done.  But not without much wailing and gnashing of teeth and bitching about 1,004-stitch rounds. I may have even offered to trade Hoopling in exchange for someone – anyone – to bind off on this fucker for me.

But none of you jerkwads took me up on that offer (::accusatory glare::), so I just put on my big girl panties and did it myself.


But anyway.

Summer 2007:  Red Heart and holey garter stitch.

Summer 2012:  Laceweight merino and (even more) holey (but now deliberate) lace.

To quote my dad:  “I’d say that’s fair progress.”

Here’s hoping for many, many more years of knitting (and now, spinning)!

It would be an understatement to say I’ve been ‘bitten by the knitting bug’ these past five years.  I’m pretty sure that at this point, knitting should be regarded a chronic, incurable illness.  An illness that sucks up all my free time and too much money.  An illness that offers no chance of recovery (and, if I’m being honest, one that I have no *desire* from which to recover.).

Last week I was talking on the phone with my aunt, an incredibly talented and prolific quilter.  She and I started chatting about the idea of finding your true craft: the one which perfectly meshes with your proclivities and ambitions and passions, the one that comes naturally to you, the one that you can’t imagine living without.  Some people are easily multicraftural (I flatter myself that I might be in that number), but if you sit on them and poke them with pointy sticks I bet most crafters will admit to having one thing that they just get.  One thing that they’d choose over any other, that their lives would be truly empty without.

I think it’s safe to say: for me, it’s knitting.

I’m so glad I picked up those crappy-ass needles and that nasty acrylic yarn five years ago.

What’s your One True Craft?

10 responses to “Five years ago today

  1. loooooooooooooove
    that is GORGEOUS

  2. You’ve come a long way! Nice FO 🙂

  3. That is awesome, so light and pretty, perfect for California weather and …….also for a baby wrap for “official” photos when Hoopling needs to look his most adorable, coming home from hospital, first cuddle with Grandma Etc.

  4. Almost 6 months ago now I impulse bought a sewing machine. I hadn’t sewn since high school and couldn’t even remember that, yet somehow the sewing machine was intuitive to me and I think that I have found my craft. Its so nice to be doing something creative, almost for the first time in my life! 🙂 My work colleague is very much into knitting but I don’t yet have the patience to learn it…

  5. Rebecca in SoCal

    OMG that is SO BEAUTIFUL!!

    The laciness, the color…if I thought knitting could lead to that, I might just take it up. Tell us more about the wailing and gnashing of teeth, please!

    It looks a lot like a favorite old sweater that I think I have kept, long past unwearability. *sigh*

  6. You made me go back & figure out when I started knitting (after learning as a kid & then forgetting). Apparently I picked up the needles in October 2004, but had two failed scarves before I finished my first one a year later. 🙂

  7. That shawl is so pretty! I always enjoy reading your blog and wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”.

  8. You’ve come a long way, baby!

  9. Fair progress indeed! Gorgeous! I am a little annoyed at you for disputing my belief that you have been knitting wayyyyyy longer than me when you have only been knitting less than a year longer than me. I guess I’m going to have to suck it up and stop being intimidated by “big girl” lace projects.

  10. SunflowerCrochet

    I have to tell you, in feeling pretty lusty-lusty-grabby-grabby myself over your Isis. I think you just planted a dangerous seed in my head. Congratulations on your half-decade of knitting, and here’s for many years to come! As a fellow long-time crocheted and new-ish knitter, I find that knitting is my true craft as well, although I was a bit resistant to that shift in the beginning. On that note, I’m off to figure out how I’m going to acquire the yarn for my own Veil of Isis…

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