I feel very clever right now. But also, not.

Gretchen (that’s my wheel’s name.  It’s a good name for a spinning wheel, isn’t it?) and I are having a fabulous time getting to know each other.

On Friday, we finished our first-ever yarn.

That used to be some beautiful Dyeabolical cheviot roving, that looked like this:

Now, through no fault of its own, it is crappy, uneven, under-spun yarn that looks like this:

I’m sorry, fiber.  You deserved better.  But thank you for sacrificing yourself to the cause.

I have since learned that cheviot is unique because it is a helix-shaped fiber.  And that maybe under-spinning it due to my inexperience was an understandable error.

Still makes me wanna go pout though.  Just a bit.

So instead of pouting, I decided to bust out this goodness:

That’s more Dyeabolical, just marked “100% wool”, that Rachel gave me during last summer’s wheel-borrowing adventure.  She gave it to me because it was unsellable (read: compacted), but with plenty of pre-drafting I think it’s turning into halfway decent yarn:

I’ve divided the fiber into three approximately-equal sections (thanks to my digital  food  yarn scale, and the plan is to make this into a nice round three-ply.  Call me stupid, but I’m actually pretty optimistic about this one.


Finally, yesterday I ran into Knitorious for one specific purpose: 4 oz of BFL fiber.

Last summer, my most successful spin by far was BFL, so I figure that one good turn deserves another.  Hopefully this will be easy, quick, and (thus) gratifying.


I’m going to attempt to spin that a bit thicker, too – maybe aim to end with a worsted weight?  Either just a normal 2-ply, or maybe navajo-plied?


Here is when I start muppetflailing in excitement, and also freaking out a bit because I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING YET AND HOW CAN I BE EXPECTED TO DO ANYTHING COMPETENTLY WHEN I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT WHAT I’M DOING.


But if that were my attitude, I suppose I’d never learn anything new.  And how boring and un-gratifying would life be then?



5 responses to “I feel very clever right now. But also, not.

  1. Hey, that under spun stuff is nothing running it through the wheel again won’t fix! Nice work.

  2. Looks pretty good to me. glad you are getting some time to spin.

  3. That pink tone is such a lovely colour, I would just keep practising with stuff you don’t LOVE just to get the feel of the process, but I would also take a class or workshop for all the insider tips and tricks you will pick up.
    Spinning is probably like anything else, you just need practice and a bit of guidance from someone who knows all the pifalls for newbies.
    Have fun…..thats what it is all about 🙂

  4. Ok, I’m playing catch up on the last 3 posts. and of course you wanted observations: I would rather have a loom –that looked like more fun to me and the finished product would be more useful to me because I don’t knit. The cute beebee kitty. funny you wrote bee bee, we always call sassy beebums–where we got it –have no idea. Iowa: did I ever tell you that sara had a job interview out there for John Deere? she was offered a job but decided to go with Cummins. I’m so happy you are so happy!!!!

  5. SunflowerCrochet

    Yay, spinning! I’m so excited for you. I understand about wanting to know everything right away, it can be so frustrating. But, you’re doing great! Keep it up and I’m sure that soon it will be all that you want it to be.

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