Blogs to adore: 2012-nearly-midsummer edition

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done one of these posts.  So long, in fact, that I could barely remember what clever tag I used to use, or even find the old posts in my archives.

Granted, these days I’m doing good if I can remember my middle name (I *think* it’s still Monson, but admittedly haven’t checked lately.  Jeff might’ve changed it while I was asleep) or where I am (I just wander campus and try my key in various office doors until one works).

So maybe don’t be expecting too much from me, ‘s all I’m saying.

ANYWAY.  It is Friday, and I have no exciting new pictures of any of my myriad WIP’s (of the knitty, spinny and sew-y varieties) to share with you, and I just bought Brandi Carlile’s new album (OMG SO GOOD) and ate cafe sushi for lunch (OMG SO…adequate?), so let’s keep this “happy calm afternoon” thing rollin’.


  • Posie Gets Cozy is a blog full of pretty things and happy things and warmth and softness and beautiful textures and also knitting and food.  Coincidentally, this is also what my brain looks like when I’m listening to Brandi Carlile.
  • Want some darn good blogging?  Schlabadoo takes storytelling to a whole ‘nuther level, each little self-contained anecdote offering a chortle, a sigh, and usually a whatever-sound-one-makes-when-one-is-musing.  Umm…I’m not really doing a good job selling this blog.  Just go read it, and prepare to nostalgize.
  • Smart, Pretty and Awkward is like Oprah for normal (read: weird and awesome) people.  I check in every day, and am a better person for it.
  • Margaret (Hi Margaret!) just told me about this next one:  Zach Aboard is a lifestyle/home/crafting/mommyblog full of awesomeness and beauty and free-range kiddos and fun.  Oh, and they live on a boat.  Why?  Well, why not?  I love this blog, and might decide to stow away if they ever wander up the Mississippi 😉
  • OK so you know the thing where you to to Trader Joe’s and you get your 29c bananas and your Smart Dogs and your cracked-pepper bread and your granola bars and your tart frozen yogurt, and then some new (or maybe just new-to-you) item catches your eye?  So you stand there way too long trying to decide if you want to buy the new-to-you item?  But you really don’t want to spend $3.99 on it if it sucks (and let’s be honest, some of TJ’s experimental stuff really does suck).  So you don’t get it, and then you wonder if you’re missing out on something awesome because you’re a cheapskate and a weenie.  You know what I mean.  OK.  Well, What’s Good at Trader Joe’s? fixes that problem for you.  These intrepid bloggers boldly go forth and sample all the new stuff and report on its awesomeness (or, occasionally, its lack thereof).  Good stuff.
  • Grasping for Objectivity is nominally, I suppose, a mommyblog.  But it’s also wickedly funny and sweet and warm and educational in a fantastically snarky way.  Like a total creep-o stalker, let me just say: I wish I were cool enough to have Rachel for a meatspace friend.  But then I’d do something like this and she’d run away and I couldn’t blame her.  (Especially because I just compared her to Wayne Newton on my stupid blog.)
  • 269 Days.  Two words:  pregnancy webcomic.  If you are pregnant, have ever been pregnant, or think you might ever become pregnant, you’ll LOL.
  • Almost every single “OMG PRINT IT AND MAKE IT NOW” recipe I’ve found lately has been from Joy the Baker.  She has impeccable taste and inspired creations.  Prepare to fall in love.
  • I’ve been reading S. of Simply Bike since her Academichic days and love that now she’s sharing cycling, travel, and mommyhood with us.  Her daughter is about a year older than Hoopling will be (that’s really awkwardly phrased but you know what I mean), so I love getting to follow along with their new life adventures.


All right, that’s all I’ve got!  Tonight Jeff and I are off to watch the Cards trample the Royals (because anything short of annihilation would be an embarrassment).  Tomorrow I hit the massage table, pick up the fruits of my sunglasses-shopping angst, and end the day with a friend’s football game.  In between times, I’m knitting a wee little February Baby Sweater and will undoubtedly wander the neighborhood with Speshul Dog a time or two.  How’s that for a weekend? 🙂

PS>Don’t forget to call your dads on Sunday!

6 responses to “Blogs to adore: 2012-nearly-midsummer edition

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I love to meet people in real life. So let me know if your stalking ever gets too close by, and we’ll definitely get together!

  2. Thanks for including me, what an honor! And I’m excited to check out some of those other new-to-me blogs. Keep on rockin’ the pregnancy, mama! 🙂


  3. Thanks for including Smart Pretty and Awkward in this edition of Blogs to Adore! Added you to SP&A’s Press Page 🙂

  4. Rhonda from Baddeck

    I want to check out all the blogs you listed, but I went to Zach Aboard first because of the “romance” of living on a boat. I got sucked into the vortex and started reading her archives. She takes beautiful pictures and her kids are adorable. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! I’m looking to add to my 356 blogs that I try to read each day, er week, or when I can.

  6. Pingback: Smart Pretty and Awkward » Blog Archive » Year Four.

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