The past couple weeks

Despite having a newborn freshly-home from the NICU (2 weeks ago today!), we’ve still got to be productive and keep up with little things.  Just tiny little details.


Like moving to LA.


(It kills me that I’m not being linear in my July/August storytelling, I want you to know.  But today I’m notsomuch “telling a story” as I am “dumping some pictures I’ve taken on my blog and calling it good enough”.  I’ll fill in the words later.  Like, this winter.)


Here’s the state of my cozy, tidy, beloved home right now:

(We’re going to ship Simon to LA in one of those sturdy white “FRAGILE” boxes.  Nothing but the best for our little dude!)


Luckily for us, Simon is a really content little guy: as long as a doting grandparent is holding him…

…or he’s being worn by Jeff or me, he’s happy as a clam.

(Pictured: happy clam)


That’s the cotton gauze wrap that Mom made for me: it was one of two sewing projects I’d planned to finish pre-Hoopling.  We all know how THAT turned out!


Here’s the other sewing project:

That’s the good thing about having a sew-y mom: I can just throw a pile of flannel at her and say “Please to be making into good burp cloths yes?”


Then she turns it into this:

And everything is wonderful, and I am happy.


Also, at this point I’m pretty sure Mom has gotten to use Hazel more than I have. :-\


But even though Jeff and I are busy packing and scrubbing and sending stuff to Goodwill (Macbeth is going in the next load), we still have time for this:


and this:



and this:



And, of course, a whole lotta this:




There was also something else, but it needs its own post (once Kara shares her pictures… :-))


Today is our last big packing day (we also have a doctor’s appointment for little dude, and a family dinner this evening).  Jeff picks up the truck and the movers load it tomorrow, and then we hit the road for KC early on Wednesday morning.


With three grandparents’ assistance at various points, as well as food and diversion from various factions of friends, we’re actually in a pretty good place for getting it all done (yay!).  But now I need to get off my duff, shower, and keep packing.  This may be the last you hear from me for a little while, but my hope is that I’ll be able to write up Simon’s birth story while little dude and I are cooling our heels in KC late this week (while Jeff and my dad are caravan-ing across the southwestern US).


Keep your fingers crossed for us…

9 responses to “The past couple weeks

  1. I can’t believe you’re moving to LA, with a newborn… how brave you are. You’ll handle this like a champ… just like everything else you touch :D!

  2. Glad to hear you are cooling your heels in KC. I was having sympathetic stress for you thinking of you and Jeff driving a moving van cross country with Simon and Roxie in tow.

  3. Good luck with the move! I’ll be thinking about you 🙂

  4. Good luck with the move – Simon’s first adventure (excluding his grand entrance into the world)!

  5. He is WAY too cute. Good luck with the move, and don’t forget to use those non-toxic packing peanuts for Simon’s box!

  6. Rhonda from Baddeck

    If my calculations are correct, if Simon hadn’t arrived early, you would have been doing all this packing & moving at 38+ weeks pregnant… ?? Congratulations on both of these momentous events! Looking forward to seeing more adorable pics of the babe.

  7. Hope it all goes well for you, remember too much activity will affect the milk supply….make use of your helpers : )

  8. I don’t know how you can do it. Up until about 2 months after my girl was born, I could barely do laundry. If you had told me I had to pack up my entire house and move across the country, I would have just collapsed in a heap of sobbing (and lochia) (sorry, TMI). GOOD LUCK! Also, your son is extremely adorable.

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