You deserve better than this

We’re in LA, completely buried in boxes and busy learning a new city.


I can’t find the box with Simon’s bath sponge so Jeff had to hold him over the kitchen sink for his bath.


The stove doesn’t work and the maintenance guy won’t be coming until tomorrow.  We’re on Day 8 of takeout, sandwiches, and bagels.  (I just now found the bowls, so we can move up to microwaved mac ‘n cheese!  Woot!)


LA has just as many palm trees as I’d feared, and all this sunshine is annoying as hell.


We went to Ikea for the first time and it was awesome.


The only reason I’m able to blog now (and one-handed, at that), is because we’re currently doing this:

And as soon as he’s done, I must get back to tackling this:


But I’d rather be writing.  A short list (more for myself than anything) of things to tell y’all about:

  • Simon’s birth story
  • Adventures in the NICU
  • Leaving St. Louis (including the boys’ road trip)
  • Meeting the family
  • The new apartment

Until then, have a picture of a baby wearing preemie-sized jeans:

PS>I just unpacked my KitchenAid and am fighting the urge to abandon all the unpacking and go bake something.


5 responses to “You deserve better than this

  1. So glad you have arrived safe and sound. Hope the fires are elsewhere,at least Simon doesn’t seem to care where he lives : )
    .Best unpacking tip…put everything as near as possible to where it was in old home, at least you will be able to find stuff, you can always move it later.

  2. I feel like such a creepo saying this but you know me so I’ll say it anyway..I love breastfeeding pictures. It’s like a picture of love. I’m glad you’re getting settled.

  3. Uhhhh. If you mix it up in your KitchenAid mixer but don’t have an oven, what are you going to do with it? Microwave snickerdoodles? I think not.

  4. What a sweetie! His feet are so cute. I thought the same thing as your dad. lol I’ve been making a fudgsicle recipe from Smitten Kitchen nonstop.

  5. SunflowerCrochet

    I really can’t get over how adorable Simon is. He is so beautiful. Congratulations, again. This post made me realize just how much I can relate to you these days. My fiancé and I just moved from New Orleans to Chicago, and now that we are unburied from under the boxes and I’m living in my own place for the first time, I have been lured by the siren song of the oven. I find that for every emotion, there is a reason to bake. We are on a budget right now, so I have pretty much been sticking to cookies, but I have some amazing recipes saved up for when I can buy the good stuff, haha. Good luck with the excavation of your belongings! I know firsthand how hard it is–where to start!? But, you can do it! Soon, you’ll have everything all nice and organized and homey.

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