Simon: 1 month old

No, I haven’t completely lost track of time.  I know that Simon is almost two months old now.  But my blogging is (sadly) not keeping up with our activities, so I’m just now getting around to sharing the 1-month pictures I took of him a couple days after his *real* 1 month birthday.



The tardiness of this post is, in many ways, indicative of how hectic the first few weeks of little dude’s life were.  Born early, two weeks in the NICU, two weeks at home in St. Louis surrounded by a flurry of packing, and then capped off with his first-ever road trip (to Kansas City).



So can you really blame him for just lounging around, once he caught a break?



I think it goes without saying, though, that this would’ve been a billion times harder if he weren’t such an easy baby.  But even in his Tiny Dictator moments, he really does just go with the flow.  He slept just fine in a laundry basket, on his granddad’s chest, or in a pack’n’play in a hotel room (but his favorite spot is on me, in a wrap).  He’d wake up, grunt a bit, get a boob (the ultimate in portable, on-demand dining!), squawk a little while being changed, get another boob, and go straight back to sleep.



And he did it all while being unbearably cute, and working hard at growing big and strong!



So it’s pretty OK that he wreaked havoc on our plans.  I suppose babies tend to do that for their parents, one way or another.



And since we like him a bunch, and since he still looks like Jeff’s mini-me, and since the dog is rather fond of him, I think we’ll keep him.





PS>I got the idea to take his monthly birthday pictures on one particular quilt a long time ago, from another blog.  So that’s what I’m going to *try* for.


PPS>See the moving boxes in the background of that last picture?  Yeah, I took these on the air mattress we were using for a bed, the day after we got to LA.

15 responses to “Simon: 1 month old

  1. I will be happy to come pick up Simon if you change your mind about not keeping him. Just give me a call.

  2. Thanks for the update, he realy does look just like his Dad !
    I think “go with the flow” is the way to stay sane, stuff will get done and happen anyway,(eventually) so just chill out, you are all doing great coping with all that has happened.

  3. “Tiny Dictator” is a quality nickname. I want it for myself.

    Lookin’ good, Simon!

  4. SunflowerCrochet

    He is so perfect, I can’t bear it. So much cuteness compressed into such a tiny space!? Look at those eyes!

  5. Too adorable. And I keep seeing Neal Simon instead of Simon Neal. You probably should have just gone with that. :oD

  6. That little pointed chin just does me in… what a cutie!

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