LA Adventure: Santa Monica Pier

Jeff and I have decided that, as often as we can, each week we’ll do one adventure-y thing here in the Los Angeles area.

We decided to kick off our LA Adventures just a week after we arrived (8/25), with a really tourist-y destination: the Santa Monica pier.

(Not pictured: the $15 that we had to pay for parking.  ::grumble grumble::)

You can tell from my expression what I think of such a hot, sunshine-y location full of Harolds and Irmas:

Simon was blissfully oblivious to the offending tourists:

But wouldn’t you be comfy and sleepy if you were riding around on your dad’s chest, under a comically-large sun-hat?

(yes, there’s really a baby in there)

We had lunch at some place, with food (oh!) and $4 bloody marys:

Here’s how I know I’m old:  I stirred this up really good when I got it, but didn’t taste much vodka.  So I drank the first half, lah-de-dah.  Then at the second half, quite abruptly:  HOLY SHIT STRAIGHT VODKA.  Gah.  Nasty.  But I’d paid $4 for it!  So between the two of us, Jeff and I gradually choked down the whole thing, sip by burny sip.  (I wanted to ask the waitress for some more tomato juice to help dilute it, but even I’m not *that* lame.  We toughed it out as-is).

And that’s how I know I’m not a college sophomore anymore. 😀

After lunch we walked to the end of the pier, people-watching and sightseeing the whole way:

It was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean!

I think the mountains may be my favorite part of LA.

At the end of the pier, there was a thingy commemorating the end of Route 66:

So I had to find home on the map:

That’s a long way away, y’all.

Jeff and I both took ceremonial first-steps-into-the-Pacific-Ocean:

(but of course we didn’t get a picture of mine.  But I assure you, my pasty whiteness wouldn’t even show up in the white surf, anyway.)

Next time we go, Simon will be a bit bigger and we can throw him in, too.  SINK OR SWIM, LITTLE DUDE.

So there we go: the Santa Monica Pier!  It was…interesting.  OK, I guess, but I’m in no hurry to go back.  The following weekend’s adventure was more up my alley…

4 responses to “LA Adventure: Santa Monica Pier

  1. Yes, Dorothy, you aren’t in Kansas (City) anymore!

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