In which I die of warm fuzzies and appreciation

Working to shorten my queue of woefully-overdue posts, I HAVE to share this.

First of all I’ll say that believe it or not, I actually have some real-life friends (I KNOW!).  In addition to living in the computer, they also exist in meatspace, and before I left St. Louis we would regularly get together at this little institution called “Knitorious Knit Night”.

And for SOME REASON (hell if I can figure out why), they have decided that they like me.

They like me enough, in fact, to plan and purchase and dye and knit/crochet and wrench their backs seaming not one but several gifts for me and my little family.

I know, I can’t believe it either.

But look!  Proof!

A month later and I’m still all blubbery about it.  YOU GUYS!!!

I seriously almost cried, I was so touched.  I was touched until I died.

Wait, that came out wrong.

You know what I mean.

Doesn’t the Dyeabolical blanket look lovely in my spinning chair?

(Psst – that’s Dyeabolical roving on Gretchen, too)


(the matching pillow is in the rocker in our bedroom, where Simon’s asleep.  Don’t want to wake him…)


Guess what else?  That gorgeous Dyeabolical-dyed yarn is special for an extra reason, too.  A secret reason that I can’t wait to tell you all about.  LATER.  Much later.


And if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve already seen Simon’s blanket in heavy use:

And the car seat blanket, too (which has been SO handy, let me say!)


I just get so happy inside every time I look at and use these.  Almost like how I feel when I look at Simon, except I built him.


You, my dear knit night-ers (Ann and Rachel and Deborah and Kara and Mindy and Margaret and Rhonda and Lois and Cheyonna and Kim and Davina and Madeline and Monica and Sharon), are the awesomest people ever.  I ❤ you.  And when I’m back in St. Louis next October with a crazy 15-month-old, I’ll be sure to stop by and thank every blasted one of you in person.



6 responses to “In which I die of warm fuzzies and appreciation

  1. I’m glad that I touched you. :oD
    Simon looks overwhelmed in the last photo. He should be used to being surrounded by awesomeness by now.

  2. I love that last pic of little Simon!

  3. Totally awesome! I love it when people (young females that I am related to with sons named Simon) give me hand knitted, special gifts! Definitely warm and fuzzy feelings tied up in those.

  4. wowwowwow I LOVE those blankets, with each square different, yet alike!

    I like your spinning chair, too. It would fit right in to a Craftsman house. (If you have any appreciation for architecture AT ALL, put the Gamble house on your list of thingstodowhileinCalifornia.) I admire the way you’ve already taken that on!

  5. What great friends – it’s beautiful and so is your little one.

  6. What a beautiful group of people. Yarn people, man. They’re special people. All three of those gifts are absolutely stunning, and that blanket looks so beautiful in your spinning chair!

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