Fantasize with me

Straight off the parenthood bat, Jeff and I are doing our best to deprive Simon of all the niceties of life:  not only have we failed to provide him a gold-plated pacifier (or for that matter, any pacifier), a diamond stroller with platinum wheels (or any stroller), but we’ve not even given the poor little bairn a place to call his own.  Instead, we’ve forced him to carve out a tiny little niche for himself.  A rough task when you’re 23″ tall and weigh 10 pounds, but ya’ve gotta start ’em off young.  No sense coddling the boy!


That’s a roundabout way of saying:  we are thoroughly nursery-less.


Now, to be fair, we don’t really need one.  This is our bedtime set-up:

That’s an Arm’s Reach co-sleeper attached to my side of the bed, and as far as we’re concerned it’s the best thing ever:  he’s cozy and secure in his own safe sleeping space, and all I have to do for middle-of-the-night feedings is roll over, grab him, and cram a boob in his mouth.  EVERYBODY WINS.  (except my boobs)


(And never mind the fact that he usually ends up in bed with us ’round 4 or 5am anyway.  That is but a weakness on our parts.  HE’S SO CUTE.).


Since he’s not mobile yet, he can safely nap in there for now (although more often than not he ends up napping in a wrap on my back, like so, while I carry on with housework).  When co-sleeper napping becomes unsustainable (y’know…when mobility happens), we’ll put a Pack ‘n Play in the craft room, where I expect it will sit unused while I continue to wear him on my back.  Foresight!




We’ve set up his dresser and changing table in the bedroom too:

(Dresser is Ikea.  I’m going to paint it like this some Saturday, when I have time.  The changing table was made for me by my dad, when I was a baby. I love it so much!  The iron shelf/hooks is a hand-me-down from my aunt, and I adore the way it looks all filled up with our wraps/carriers collection.  Not pictured: the Merry Carry wrap, because it was in use :-D).


Our rocker is across the way:

That was built for my great-granddad (my dad’s dad’s dad), wayyyyy back in the day.  I love its style and history, and it’s still sturdy and comfortable today! (Mom and Dad had it restored a few years ago, with new cushions, etc.)  The quilt rack behind it was also carpentered* by Dad.


So really, Simon doesn’t *need* a separate nursery anyway.


But that doesn’t stop me from coveting the gorgeous ones online.  And as the old axiom goes: where one covets, one Pins.


It’s not worth it for these remaining 11 months in LA, but I’ve got big plans and dreams for our forever home, a house which will hopefully have a bunch of tiny little rooms, including one that’s just the right size for a Hoopling:


The nursery will be tiny, just off the master bedroom.  Like everything else we own, it’ll be eclectic and cozy and homespun.  Nothing too shiny.  It’ll have a crib for theoretical napping (but of course we’ll still co-sleep with subsequent Hooplings, too), and the changing table and dresser and rocking chair.  It’ll be used by all Hooplings before they move out to big boy/big girl rooms.  Nursery “themes” aren’t really our thing (err…my thing), but most of the stuff I like tends to fall under a general, vague umbrella of “cute stuff that doesn’t suck and might also be found in an English woodland.” 


I should SO be an interior designer, y’all.


But close your eyes and imagine:  reddish orange and teal and bright green dark grainy wood, and hints of white and grey, and dark stormy blue.  And deer and foxes and owls and turtles and sheep and hedgehogs (everyone loves hedgehogs!).  Linen and wool and slubby cotton.  Maybe printed photos from the vacation we took last summer which I never blogged because I suck.


Isn’t that nice?


To start us down the road toward this someday-nursery fantasy, I wanted to buy one perfect piece of art to hang above the changing table; something to make that corner of the bedroom seem a bit less make makeshift.


So when Global Gallery offered to provide me with said art in exchange for a review on this here b-log, I was happy to oblige.  I got to choose two pieces, framed and matted: one for the nursery-that-lives-in-my-head, and one for the living room (which I’ll show you tomorrow).


I had so much fun browsing their site; I can’t even tell you.  Y’all know I geek out hardcore in art galleries and museums.  So while I had a couple pieces in mind already, it turns out that Global Gallery didn’t offer them.  But then I found something BETTER.  (Don’t you love it when that happens?)


Check it out:  a print of a Tiffany stained glass, depicting a woodland scene:

Unf. Is that unbearably gorgeous, or what?


A few days later, a friendly looking (and very large) box knocked on the front door:


And look what was inside!

(Don’t you love the castle in the distance?  And the colors…I die!)


It looks perfect in the nursery-that-lives-in-my-head, and pretty darned nice in the makeshift nursery-corner-thing we have now:


So you can see where I’m going with this whole thing, right?  I’d draw you a picture of my VISION (she said with a flourish), but it would suck.


I’m not usually in the habit of shilling companies and products here on my blog, but this was the serendipitous junction of “stuff I want” and “companies I like”.  So it all worked out.  The print is super high quality and I’m really pleased with the framing and matting options that were available.


Tomorrow I’ll show you the other print I chose.  But I’ll warn you: that one’ll involve soliciting opinions from y’all, so fire it up!


PS>I have so many more LA Adventure posts to share, too.  It’s crazy – we’re doing things faster than I can blog them!  Though it doesn’t help that I’m also afflicted with acute laziness…


*Having kids kills brain cells.  Don’t ever forget that.  Unless you’ve already got kids, in which case you’ve already forgotten.  What am I doing here?  Who am I? WHO STOLE MY CRACKERS?!?


4 responses to “Fantasize with me

  1. I too got a nice piece from Global Gallery. What a beautiful piece! I really love their stuff and its really nice quality. I had such a hard time narrowing it down. Your pick is gorgeous. I want it!!

  2. Ooooh! I love that print!!

    So, co-sleeper….how do you get out of your bed? Do you have to crawl out the other side?

  3. Kindly omit evil trolls from nursery decor. Thanks.

  4. That print is ridiculously gorgeous. So jealous!

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