Stick your nose in the air, and wiggle it around like you just don’t care

Yesterday I posted one of the two pieces of art I received in exchange for a review of Global Gallery.  Today I’mma talk about the other.

So here’s the thing: our place in LA is small, and not fancy.  In fact, it is completely lacking in personality.  (What it lacks in charm, though, it makes up for in location, price, dog- and cat-acceptingness, and also having the nicest manager ever, who has a cute baby not much bigger than Simon. Friends for everybody!).

But for a year, I don’t need another charming, cozy, wonderful home like we left behind in St. Louis. I can get by, and I know our forever home in DC will be everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

So I’m not offended by the awkwardly-arranged living room here, or the tiny craft room/office, or the postage-stamp kitchen (which, for all it lacks in size, it makes up for in efficiency.  It also has a gas stove: with that, I can do anything.).  I’m even learning to survive with a coin-operated washer and dryer down the hall, rather than our own ones – which we owned and loved – in the basement.

We did have to rent a storage unit, though, for our Christmas decorations and camping gear and even our coffee table and other furniture.  And the “bonus” closet in our bedroom is used to store all our fine china and half my kitchen appliances (I have to move furniture in order to dig out my blender or slow cooker…).

But like I said: it’s fine, for a year.  It’s in an amazing location, has a great view, and is juuuust big enough to meet our needs.

Anyway. Enough bitching.

When I was in college, I fell in love with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood style: Waterhouse is my homeboy; Rossetti and I are tight.  (I tried to get on Millais’ Christmas Card list, but it was marked “return to sender.”  Asshole.)

My most favorite painting ever is Miranda in the Storm, by Waterhouse:

Jeff gave me a framed print of that for Christmas last year, and it hangs in a place of pride in our living room.  Gawd I love that painting.  Love the play, too.  But REALLY love the painting.

Boreas, also by Waterhouse, is a close second favorite:

The color! The composition! The movement!  Unf.  And unf again.

So it should come as no surprise that that’s what I chose for my second review painting from Global Gallery.


While I went with a simple, ebony frame for the Tiffany print, I decided to choose something more elaborate for Boreas.  So look what I found!

I love how there’s just a touch or ornateness and floral movement which echoes the painting itself.  [Insert other such hoity-toity comments in which I pat myself on the back as if I actually painted the damn thing].

Then I added a double matting: one that’s a creamy silver; the other a midnight blue:

I am SO stinkin’ pleased with how this turned out!  And the folks at Global Gallery did a superb job with the framing and matting, as well: everything is top quality.

But here’s the problem: in this aforementioned smallish and awkward apartment, I don’t really have a ready location to display this beautiful piece.

So here’s where you come in:  help me figure something out!

Here are the empty spaces we currently have.  None of them really scream “put art in me!”.  So…I dunno.

Option 1: the living room:

There’s nothing above the TV, you see.  But I also don’t know that there really *should* be.

Option 2: the hallway

I tried to make this scary corridor mildly more appealing by putting our two low bookshelves along it to create an entryway, then hanging a bunch of family pictures above:

(Not pictured: the Ikea rack for coats and leashes that I haven’t bought yet).

I think that looks OK as it is, so I’m hesitant to mess with it.  I deliberately left the right side of the hallway blank (see first picture above) so you don’t feel like you’re walking into an antique mall or hoarder’s home when you walk in the door.  But maybe Boreas could go there.

Option 3: the craft room/office:

This room is the bane of my existence.  Since Jeff doesn’t have a desk yet (see: Ikea), all our office-y stuff is still in moving boxes.  This is also where we’ve tossed Simon’s laundry basket (aka napping basket), and where we’re temporarily storing some painting supplies and stuff.  In short, this is where all the random crap has landed.  And worst of all, there’s nothing I can really do about it until we buy Jeff a desk and make a couple extra square feet of space magically appear.
Clutter makes my skin crawl.

But my crafting area is mostly put together, at least:

I was thinking I might hang Boreas where my bulletin board and Knitting sign (thanks, Kathy!) are currently?  I could move them over to another wall or something.

But again: that’s just a place, not *the* place.

Option 4: another wall of the craft room/office:

Since we don’t have a dining room in this apartment, all of the stuff that used to be hanging in there (read: wedding photos) has been relegated to the office.  Hence that random spread.

But what if I took them down? I’d like to be able to look at them, of course, but we’re not talking about hiding them long-term: just ’till we leave LA.

Option 5: bedroom:

I have another project in mind for that space, but realistically I doubt I’ll finish it before we leave here anyway.

So…what do you think?  Do any of these options seem better than any other?  Help me: I want to show off my beautiful Boreas!

And thanks again to the kind folks at Global Gallery for offering me the opportunity to review their products. I had so much fun choosing them, and am super pleased with the quality.  I can heartily recommend them, and I know who I’ll be shopping with when it’s time to  buy art for the fantasy forever home in DC!

PS>For the record, Miranda is hanging on a wall in the living room that I didn’t show, along with a whole section of wall that I’ve reserved for pictures of Simon. And Jeff’s Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog is in another part of the office, too.

PPS>Would anyone be interested in a proper picture tour of this place? It really isn’t much to look at, so I’m hesitant to go all Design*Sponge tour-y on it.


7 responses to “Stick your nose in the air, and wiggle it around like you just don’t care

  1. Move the small paintings and the shelf to the area above the TV and a little higher than they are now and the print beside the TV if the space is wide enough, where you can see it every day. I wouldn’t like it in the hall it not going to be seen there. Bedroom maybe above the bed. bothe prints look great!!

  2. I agree with Diana…you should move those little things above the tv (or to another location) and put the print there. Excellent choice, especially as it goes so well with the one Jeff gave you! When you move into your forever home I’m sure those two ladies will be terrific friends.

  3. I say bedroom above the bed. And yes, I am interested in a proper picture tour of the place.

  4. Wow this is a tough one. What about cheap doors stained the same color as the bookcases and then mount the pictures on the front of them? (attached with hinges and possible a latch so little fingers don’t get pinched)

    Any room for just an eisel tucked into a corner? whats on the other side of that left bookcase? can you put the bookcases side by side to the right, put the tv on the left and then stagger the *art* on the wall to the left.

    I also like the idea to take down the stuff in the hall and put them up there, side by side. Your small pictures could then be worked in the bookcase, breaking up some of the books, and also hung on the bookcase on the sides maybe? (I just looked again and you’ve already got pics on the bookcase)

    and yes we NEED a tour. amen.

  5. I’m with Diana! Then you can really enjoy it the most. Second choice is bedroom. Love your blog!

  6. I think the best place is over the crafting table. When I’m working on something, I try to stop from time to time and look at something a little farther away so my eyes can relax. If it were me, I’d love for that something to be such a beautiful painting! By the way, I’ve been freaking out over your last two posts, because Waterhouse is my absolute favorite!!

  7. I think the bedroom would be an excellent choice but would not opt for above the bed. I would want it to be the last thing I see at night (besides, Jeff and Simon) and the first thing I see in the morning. Where will it make you smile?

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