Simon: 3 months

We’re settling into a pretty nice lifestyle here Little Dude, I have to say.  It helps that you are SO affable and easygoing.  I think you take after your dad, ’cause that sure ain’t like me.



We’ve challenged you a few times, to be sure, but it’s all in good fun (and you’ve taken it in stride).  As long as you have a sling and easy access to a boob, you’re golden.  Seriously, you’re spoiling me on other babies: your hypothetical future siblings are gonna have big (tiny) shoes to fill!


You’re always watching the world around you, melting old ladies’ hearts wherever we go, and sooner or later (often sooner) you conk out from the sheer fascinatingness (eventually you’ll learn that’s not a real word) of it all.



We try not to pay too much attention to the textbook developmental milestones, but every now and again I check in just for funsies. In some ways your bit o’ preemie-dom does show, but you’re at or ahead of the curve for your actual age in other ways.  You love sitting up leaning against our laps (when we situate you).  You can reach for toys when you feel like it (though you often don’t seem to care to), and you can even bear weight on your wee feets!  To be honest, I’m sort of afraid you’re going to be one of those crazy 9-month walkers.  (But do what you want to do anyway.  We’ll cope.)



You’re learning a lot, I can tell.  Already you’ve learned how to superbly model tiny pants, how to cheer on the Cards at the stadium and at home, and how to ride on my back in the big wrap.



We’ve become an expert nursing team:  it’s so easy to take care of you for your (one or two) nighttime feedings: I wouldn’t say that we’ve achieved dream feed yet, but we’re not far off.  And all that eating is paying off, too!  You were over 10 lbs at your last appointment.  Good job, dude.



You tolerate storytime reasonably well, have to be vertical if you’re awake, and your internal metronome has taught us the perfect speed to bounce you to keep you happy and awake, and the speed to put you to sleep.  You are a finely tuned machine of efficiency!


But there’s one new skill that I love beyond all others:


You have the best smile EVER.



You don’t bust it out for just anyone: a true Simon Smile is still a pretty rare creature.  But when you let loose, it’s AMAZING.



Holy crap you are fantastic.  I just don’t even know what else to say.


We made a video of you grinning one night when you were supposed to be asleep.  It’s Grammy and Granddad’s new favorite, and for good reason:


I mean WOW.  You make it fun to be your mama.  Thanks for giving me such a great job.


Having a letdown just re-watching that video even though you’re sound asleep on my back right now,



1 month, 2 months

11 responses to “Simon: 3 months

  1. LOVE that boy! Oh, my! Just about ready to walk to LA to see one of those big smiles in person. (I could eat him up!)

  2. SunflowerCrochet

    That smile. I can’t…it’s unbearably cute. I barely survived the video without losing consciousness. He’s the best.

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  6. Ah… thanks for sharing your videos…. Brings back memories of my sons’ early months. Your response to him conveys the love you have that only a mother has for her child… It’s how I felt… Like it was almost overwhelming to me and I almost couldn’t express myself….

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