Best birthday ever

Simon is such a thoughtful little guy.  Look what I received the other day as a belated birthday gift! (my birthday was September 14th, but little dude doesn’t have a calendar yet)


That’s his wee little thumbprint in sterling silver (a baby hand has been added for scale).  Isn’t it adorable and perfect?


Jeff insists that he helped, but I think he’s just embarrassed that he didn’t think of anything so clever on his own.


Love my guys.  So far, 27 is pretty sweet 🙂


PS> Jeff gave me a gorgeous bouquet, and Mom and Dad gave me a vase full of the most beautiful lilies ever:


4 responses to “Best birthday ever

  1. What a thoughtful gift – those are some great guys you have!

  2. One of the best gifts ever, I think. And they’ll only get better!

  3. SunflowerCrochet

    That is such a fantastic gift! I’m glad you had a great birthday! 🙂

  4. oh I love the thumbprint necklace! I want one from my little peanut.

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