Simon: 4 months

This month has been amazing, Little Dude.  FREAKING AWESOME.  Somewhere between October 16 and November 16 you transitioned from being a little snuggly warm lump of love, to being a proper baby.  One with huge emotions and strong opinions and even – dare I say it? – goals.

The wheels are turning, and there’s no stopping them.  Your mind is like a sponge; I can see you taking in mass amounts of information at every moment.  Which means I should probably stop cursing in front of you, lest your first sentence be “GODDAMNIT ROXIE”.

You’ve figured out lots of awesome stuff: like how to play peek-a-boo with Daddy, what it means when I pull out the Maya wrap (yay we’re going somewhere!) or the Merry Carry (aww she’s gonna make me sleep on her back), and how to take turns in conversation (“ah-goo.” “Oh really, Simon?”  “GAHHGggoo!”).  You LOVE reading stories, and we spend at least an hour a day cuddled up with a stack of books.  I’m pretty sure that you’re gearing up to be a VERY bright individual, and I’m not just saying that.  You’ve got the brains, dude.

It’s even more fun, though, when those little connections mis-fire.  Like how you’ve decided that the laundry hamper is your sworn enemy, and must be yelled at constantly.  I don’t know what that hamper did to you, but it sure needs to be put in its place!

Everyone who sees you thinks you’re just precious: from the court recorder at Daddy’s work, to my mama friends, to strangers on the street.  Everyone says two things: “Look at all that hair!” and “Oh he’s just taking in the whole world, isn’t he?”  We can thank Granddad and Grammy for the onesie printed with the former. (Someday I need to tell the whole story of that onesie)  It won’t fit you much longer, so I had to get proper pictures of you wearing it while we can!

You’ve also developed the most wonderful laugh known to mankind.  I die every time you let loose: the only problem is recording it.  That phone comes out, and  you lock down like Fort Knox.  Thanks for making me look like a liar, dude.  You’ll get your comeuppance someday.  ::shifty glare::

You’re so much fun to have around, and make every day awesome.  I can’t imagine what I did before I had you.

Just don’t grow up too fast, OK?

Hiding with the camera to catch you giggling,


PS>A little bit of a laugh from last week:

1 month, 2 months, 3 months

12 responses to “Simon: 4 months

  1. Awww – he’s such a cutie! I’m not a huge baby fan, but I’d snuggle him in a heartbeat – with your approval (I’m not a baby-napper I swear!).

  2. He is so cute!

  3. Jen (darling), back off, I saw him first.

    Katie: try pouring water from one cup into another cup, back and forth, and make it a big deal. That used to set my kids off everytime.

  4. he’s seriously adorable!

  5. Everyone calm down! He’s mine. He is my reward for letting his mother live! (Love you to pieces, too, Katie!)

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