Of course

Happy New Year! I have so much fun stuff to share from the past couple weeks – our trip to Kansas City, adventures here in LA, even a couple super exciting gifts I made and received.


But I know that those posts are no fun without pictures, and all my pictures are conveniently located on my phone, which is tucked under my pillow, in the bedroom.  Which may as well be a million miles away, as I am in the living room stuck under a cuddly sleeping baby (woe is me!).  Under normal circumstances I’d take a picture of the cuddly sleeping baby as proof, upload it to my Flickr, and post it right here:


But that obviously won’t work.


So once again, the universe conspires against me.  ::shakes fist at the gods::  CURSE YOUUUUUUU!!!


Instead, how about some random little picture-less bullet points? (I know it ain’t the same)


~Last night Roxie knocked my laptop from the ottoman while leaping enthusiastically onto the couch.  Luckily the laptop is OK, but its carefully curated keyboard-crumb equilibrium was disturbed.  So now I have to press extra hard and am rewarded with sporadic gritty crunch noises.  You know what I’m talking about, because deep down (between “D” and “F”), you’re a disgusting human too.


~When we were packing for Kansas City, I didn’t have much room for real books so I just resolved to read on my iPad the whole time.  Usually I consider iPad reading to be a last resort occupation (after every SkyMall is perused and every cuticle is picked), but I think I may finally be warming up to it.  It’s so much easier to finagle when I’ve got Little Dude tucked into a wrap on my chest, and it’s great to be able to read in a dark bedroom at night.  This might work.  (But until they create an “old book glue” scented iPad cover, I’ll never fully stray from beloved print.


~Jeff gave me yarn for Christmas.  He’s a good man.  I think I’ll make a cardigan of it, and it’ll be my first project for *me* in nearly a year.  Whee!


~I just joined Adagio Tea, and you should too.  I feel a bit goofy endorsing the company before my first order even arrives, but what can I say?  Their website is really snappy and a bunch of my Twitter peeps love it.  I will undertake to test their products, and report back.  In the meantime, here’s a $5 gift certificate code you can use until 11:00PST, 1/5/13: 9005772477.  You should order some too and tell me what you think 😀


~When my teas arrive, the neighbor mamas and I are going to have a tea sampling party.  I’m going to make this delicious goat cheese stuff (which is my most favorite snack ever, especially with TJ’s multigrain pita crisps), and maybe cranberry bread.  NOM.


~After a painstaking and arduous 5 1/2 months of daily testing, I think I’ve finally decided on my favorite babywearing methods.  I need to do a big proper post about this – with pictures!  I am excite.  (When we were at my aunt’s house last week, my 14-year-old cousin saw the wrap I had Simon in.  She asked if I’ll buy her one when she has a baby, and I emphatically said “Yes!  Of course!  You’ll love it!  But that better not be anytime soon.”  Then I added a patented Johnson Family Glare, just to show I’m serious.  But anyway – apparently babywearing is all the rage with teenagers these days (am I finally cool?!))


~Speaking of “finally cool”, I decided to join 2007 and bought a pair of skinny jeans.  They’re Levis like my beloved boot-cuts, they make my ass look awesome and I’ve sworn on a stack of Frye boxes to ONLY ever wear them tucked into boots. Because otherwise I look like a walking blue ice cream cone, and that is not what I would consider desirable.


That’s enough rambling.  And this kid is STILL asleep! Guess he’s still catching up from the excitement of Kansas City 🙂


2 responses to “Of course

  1. I would be ALL OVER a blue ice cream cone.

  2. we could be 2 ice cream cones walking together… still haven’t mustered up the courage to buy the skinny jeans… I am very afraid my feet are too big for skinny jeans and how embarrassing would that be?!

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