Monday morning video

My parents didn’t have a video camera at all when I was growing up, which I’m pretty sure indicates that they didn’t really love me (right Mom, Dad?).  I mean, Betamax WAS a thing!   I guess they just didn’t think I was cute enough to memorialize on tape (::sigh::)


I don’t want Simon to harbor any doubts about our love for him.  Hence, random little iPhone videos like this 🙂

Happy Monday!

3 responses to “Monday morning video

  1. I’m a random stranger who’s been reading for a while, but I need to tell you I can’t get over how CUTE your son is. He’s just SO CUTE. 🙂

  2. There are no home videos of me growing up, either. I FEEL YA.

    Also, Simon’s hair. I die.

  3. We felt sure you wouldn’t figure it out.

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