Simon: 8 months

I woke up at 3am with a baby sleep-nursing, and all of a sudden it popped into my head: I never wrote his 8-month blog post!  So this is my much-belated contribution.  The pictures, at least, are accurate: he wasn’t feeling terribly cooperative when we took them the day after we got home from Kansas City.


You passed your 8-month birthday in an awesome way, Little Dude:  surrounded by family in Kansas City.  There were a million hugs and kisses and feet squishes and tummy tickles, and you loved every blasted minute of it.  You, sir, seem to be a social butterfly.


Since I’m so late in writing this darn thing I can barely remember which of your awesome new skillz happened before 3/16 and which came after.   But as of right now, sitting is old news.  Standing while hanging onto our fingers, the side of the couch, or the slats on the bedframe is the new hotness!  You can’t pull yourself up into it yet, but when we get you situated you’re as happy as a clam.  The other day I even saw you lift one of your little feets just a bit.  Cruising is on the horizon, methinks.



You’ve got lots of awesome sounds…”pa pa pa” (complete with exaggerated lip smacking), a few “buh”s, and you even called Daddy “Mama” once.  I’ll forgive you for that one.



I’m dying to talk about Fun With Solids, but that *definitely* didn’t happen until after 3/16, so I’ll save it for your next birthday post 🙂



I love seeing how your play has evolved.  Toys are constantly falling in and out of favor: poor Sophie must be feeling pretty neglected by now.  Of course, the non-toy “toys” are always the best:  the Aquaphor tube, a measuring cup and spatula, our metal water bottles.  Anything that you see Mama Daddy use is MUCH cooler than the babyish stuff!



Growth-wise, you seem to have switched from height mode to bulk mode:  according to the doctor’s office measurements you’ve been about 27″ for three months running, but you keep adding ounces somewhere: mostly in the tummy and chin area, it seems 🙂



I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I have the best job in the world.  You are fantastic.





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6 responses to “Simon: 8 months

  1. Alice Fraggle

    He’s such a cutie! I love his little overalls, and the 5th picture’s “ooh” face. You have a very handsome little man on your hands.

  2. Simon's Grammy

    You forgot that important hair cut. Simon is just awesome at growing hair!

  3. I love that look of wonder in the second to last photo. And I love photos of babies trying to eat their feet. I think it’s my inner cannibal.

  4. he’s beautiful!

  5. I haven’t been keeping up with my blog feeds but oh my god …. he is ADORABLE! Look at those big blue eyes! 🙂

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