Cross-stitching is not knitting

Since my knitting time has been sharply curtailed as of late (understatement of the year), I’ve been filling in the gaps with cross-stitching:  its small movements don’t disrupt the sleeping thing on my lap like knitting does.  I’ve got a couple larger projects cooking, but have mostly been working on ones of the near-instant gratification variety.


Like Jeff’s Valentine’s gift:

Pattern via pixystitches


And some birthday gifts for my parents.  My dad’s a Doors fan:

pattern via pixelpowereddesign

(I added some backstitching there because the colors didn’t contrast enough IRL, leaving Jim Morrison looking like an amorphous blob of flesh)


For my mom, the Downton Abbey fan:

pattern via pixystitches


(That’s just a shadow on the canvas; it’s not stained.)


And finally, for Yours Truly.  Because the only thing better than tea and Doctor Who is a combination of the two:

pattern via WibblyWobblyStitches


If you don’t know what episode that’s from, here.  Enjoy 😀


I’ve been able to eke out a little time every now and again for kniting, too, but will save that for another post.  I’m also itching to show you my other cross-stitch WIP’s! 🙂


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