Simon: 10 months

The sheer absence of a 9-month birthday post should indicate just how busy we’ve been lately, Little dude.  An unexpected trip to Kansas City (more on that in another post), adventures here in LA, and all kinds of eating and playing and moving and growing.  Your days are full!



Yes, you are quite the busy young gentleman!


Just after we got home from KC back in March, you started in on some solid foods (your first food ever – sweet potato – is chronicled here).  You were a little slow to ramp up on those at first (boob was and is still your most favorite meal), but now you’re off and running.  We’re doing baby-led weaning, so instead of eating a bunch of purees and stuff you’re headed straight into real solids.  So far your favorites are banana and mango, and plain Greek yogurt, and baba ganoush (really!) and hummus.  And yellow squash.  And waffles.  And carrots.  And fresh apple slices with cinnamon.  And watermelon. 😀


With any luck, you won’t turn out to be a picky eater.  But we shall see.



Speaking of eating, you’ve also made some great strides in improving that.  For a while, your growth chart was dipping a little low (even for a breastfed baby), so we had a couple meetings with an awesome lactation consultant and took a few simple measures to help you pay attention to your eating.  Staying in meal mode on the breast instead of snack mode, stuff like that.  And it’s working marvelously!  We’ve been checking your weight every week or two; in the past 15 days you’ve gained almost a pound.  Way to go!



It’s doubly impressive when we consider what a workout you’ve been getting every day!  You’re pulling up on everything in sight (though preferably if my or daddy’s hands are there to brace you), and army-crawling just as fast as you can go.  It’s so weird to me that my baby is never in the same spot I left him anymore!  Mobility is pretty awesome, isn’t it?



Your favorite pastimes now include playing patty-cake (with Mama hands to help), scraping blocks and toys back and forth on the floor, and reading (and chewing on) stories.  Your current favorite songs are “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Young McSimon Had a Farm”.  We’ve done every iteration imaginable of the former, so now the bus is laden with a Simon (“cluck cluck cluck”), a Mama (“boobs boobs boobs”), a Daddy (“law law law”), Grammy, Granddad, Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandmother, Great Granddad, Aunt Laura, Ella, Auntie Tea, Davie, Mona, Roxie, Macbeth, Maxie, and Eliza.  Young McSimon’s farm is also populated with every creature of land and sea.  (Why do you have a tapir on your farm anyway, huh?)


“bob bob bob” has started being interspersed with “ma ma ma”, and I flatter myself to think that you’re actually talking about me, but that’s probably overly-optimistic.  Soon, though, I’m sure!  (Psst! I’ll give you a real live chicken if “mama” is your first word, instead of “dada”)



Our whole house is still very fond of babywearing.  But I promise you that you are the reason I have all those wraps, not just an accessory or excuse to buy them 😉  You’ve relapsed into hairpulling in a BIG way, though, much to my chagrin.  In fact, I’ve had to start actually disciplining you on that because you yank SO hard, and so often, that I’m about to go bald!  So for the past week or so we’ve started test-driving a two warnings system, followed (almost inevitably) by a one-minute timeout in the playpen.  I don’t think you get it yet.



You just get wigglier and wigglier, Wiggly Simon, and cuter and cuter.  You are my favorite, even though you’re a mess of trouble.  I love your sleepy milkbreath kisses, and watching you learn and grow.


Now I need to pick you up off the floor, where you’ve spent the past 15 minutes army-crawling in a giant circle and scraping your shape-sorter blocks.  You’re the best, Little Dude.  The BEST.





3 responses to “Simon: 10 months

  1. Such a cute, happy baby!

  2. seriously looks like he is a toddler already…. CRAZY!

  3. He has gotten so big!!! (This is Jill, from xanga and FB FYI… trying out this wordpress thing)

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