I’m going to try taking a page from Jessica’s book and am going to write a more diary-ish blog post.  We’ll see if this helps me get my mojo back.

The most exciting thing from the past couple days is that this morning when I was pulling out of the Trader Joe’s lot, some woman backed her car into me.  She and her husband both hopped out of their car and started yelling at me, screaming and carrying on and really raising a fuss, right there in the middle of the lot.  And I was standing there with Simon telling her to calm down, trying to call the police to come do a report, etc.  She was making SUCH a scene, and being really nasty about it too.  Called me a bad mother and said I was distracted by my baby. (Which is interesting since *she* backed into *me*, lol, but whatever.  Insurance will sort it out.)  Eventually some TJ’s employees came out and told her to hush up and stop making a scene, and a couple really nice women stopped and offered to help me with Simon or whatever I needed during the wait.  And the whole time I was telling this couple to just calm the fuck down (erm, not in so many words).  I eventually said, “I understand that you’re upset, but I’m not going to engage you any further.  I am waiting for the police to come help me get your insurance information.” and then just let the woman and her husband keep screaming at me.  Simes had the most “WTF?!” look on his face the whole time, lol.  The police came and got their insurance info for me (and mine for them), and the TJ’s employees got my groceries out of their cooler for me (they even switched out my ice cream since it had started to melt during the brouhaha), and gave Simon some stickers, and said how impressed they were that I stayed calm despite this crazy screaming lady.  And then I drove home and cried and made my Geico claim.  Bitches be crazy!

Let’s see…that’s about it on my plate for today.  Simon has *finally* gotten to where he can nap apart from me, for about 20-30 minutes at a go.  So I set up a Skype call between Jeff’s laptop and my iPhone, then sneak away and close the bedroom door.  As soon as he starts to stir I run in, boob him back down, then sneak away again.  On a good day I can get an hour of sweet, blessed FREEDOM!!!  On a day like today…15 minutes.  But that’s still enough to wolf down a tofu dog and catch up on Facebook.  We’ll try for another nap in just a minute here.

I should try to put him on my back so I can do dishes and laundry and the floors while he sleeps, but I’m not feelin’ it.  I LOVE wearing him.  It’s my most favorite thing in the world (except when he pulls my hair).  But today I just need to decompress.  Maybe I’ll make some bran muffins for Jeff’s next round of breakfasts.

We are officially 19 days until the move.  Jeff is going to Akron on Friday to find a place for us.  The realtor we’ve been working with is super nice (thanks Alissa for the KW recommendation!), but I’m still worried.  I wish it were more feasible to sign a lease like 4 months before a move rather than having to wait until TWO WEEKS BEFORE JFC.  But we’ll survive.

I started packing on Friday, and have been going at it in bits and pieces all weekend.  I have the “blue room” (in our old place it was painted blue, so forever more the craft room/office/guest room will be dubbed the blue room, heh) all packed up, and am going to try and get the living room started today.  We have SO DAMN MANY BOOKS.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  I’m not the one who has to truck them all up and down two flights of stairs to get them out of here 😀

I also need to go through the kitchen and my clothes/shoes to see what I can send to Goodwill.  We did a pretty good job winnowing down our possessions before last year’s move, so I don’t think there’s much, but I am prepared to be ruthless.  Well, about everything except books and yarn.  😛  I always feel like we don’t have much stuff, but then when it’s all packed up I think “OMG I’M A HOARDER.” LOL.  In reality, it’s just that we have too much stuff *for a 700 square foot shoebox apartment*.  I told Jeff this weekend that this apartment is fine if you’re a single person who just needs a place to sleep and screw, but not for a family with a kid and two pets.  I hope we can have a real house, or maybe a townhome, in Akron.

I still miss our home in St. Louis.  It was so perfect for our needs!

Anyway.  Simon has this new trick where he gives “kisses” (here’s a picture from Twitter the other day).

He pretty much just opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out and presses it against whatever.  He will be SO EMBARRASSED in 15 years that I showed this.  He currently loves kissing Jeff’s nose, my knees, and the dog’s leg.  Weird kid.  I love him. 😀

Yesterday we went to this place that one of my fellow Weddingbee alumni mentioned that’s here in LA, in Griffith Park (near the Zoo and Observatory and stuff).  It’s called Travel Town, and is pretty much just a few old train cars on display, a little museum with a couple antique cars/firetrucks/whatever, and a dinky little ride-on train.  Simon had so much fun riding the trolley at The Grove a few months ago, that Jeff and I thought he’d get a kick out of this.

Here’s what happened:

He thought the train ride was pretty neat until (in true toddler fashion), suddenly it wasn’t.  He was grinning and sway-dancing to the train’s whistle (it doesn’t take much to get him going, lol), but then just after we turned the camera off he was sick of the whole thing and started arching his back and fussing and acting rotten, so we finished the train ride with him eating a boob and Jeff waving at the kids and stuff by himself.  Whee!  Then he went back on Jeff in the Ergo and we walked around a little bit and left.

Last night was game night at Jeff’s co-clerk’s house.  We played Balderdash, which was different than usual – in the past, the’ve always played complex strategy games and we’ve just been “Team Hoops” (which means that Jeff plays while I push food on people, make wisecracks and keep Simon entertained).  But Balderdash is right up my alley, so I actually played this time.  It was super fun!  My favorite fake definitions were “a woman’s final menstrual period before the onset of menopause” and “a garish suit worn by Honduran rodeo clowns”.  God I love that game.

Oh!  Speaking of!  Jeff and I were talking, and since we’ve had so much fun at Greg’s Sunday board game nights, I think we’re going to keep them up in Akron.  Alissa, mark your calendar(err…once we figure out dates. :-P)  Aliya, Kathy, if you feel like making a drive then you’re invited too!  And we’ll have Jeff’s co-clerks and any neighbors who seem cool, too.  I’m excited.

I always made a savory thing and a sweet thing for Greg’s parties.  Yesterday I made a hot crab dip that was OMG SO GOOD.  I also made peanut butter cookies, but I forgot (like always, every 3 years when I think “hrm. I should make peanut butter cookies!”) that the recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook isn’t very good – the cookies are way too thin and crunchy.  So I left those at home and Jeff and I are self-sacrificing enough to eat them all ourselves.  😛  And since I always forget that that recipe sucks, this time I wrote in the cookbook’s margin: “No good.  Do not use!”  I wish I could figure out what recipe my mom used back in the day; hers were always so good.  Just the right amount of chewyness.  I printed this version and am going to take another crack at them tonight.  We’ll see.

I think I’ve killed as much time as I can, plying Simes with Joe-O’s.  Time to go be a mother. 😀

PS>When he wasn’t snacking, this is what Simon was up to while I wrote:

Is this OK?  Want me to keep writing like this?


4 responses to “Hrmph.

  1. Where is the Baby ??? where’s the baby, we just have a clever boy now, how quickly has he grown to a little boy, it won’t be long and he will be walking…crazy
    Sorry you had to deal with old ladyzilla, you can’t change the fact that SHE backed into you….so the insurance will sort it out, hope it is all taken care of before the move.

  2. There are so many homes for rent in these parts. You’ll find something good fer sho. There are probably some super awesome places right now because the City of the University of Akron will be moving in right about now-ish for fall semester. Glad he’s here Friday. Feel free to tweet me if you aren’t sure about a location!

    And games…I love games. And food. So does Tom. You’re in luck.

  3. yes, please keep writing for ever and ever. amen.
    This is so exciting, I was thinking today it should be soon, and I was right, it will fly by. games? I’m a sore loser (I get like LOUD) and am tempted to cheat, think twice about inviting me for that. But I do make the best, and I mean best pb cookies, so I’ll bring cookies and mind the child while you play.

  4. You know, however you write is fine with me as long as you keep writing. You always make me laugh. (except the accident part- that sucked) I love hearing about your life.

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