New Leaf: Day 2?

It felt weird to open up WordPress two days in a row.   And yet, here I am.  LOOK AT ME SELF-IMPROVING, Y’ALL!


I’ll take all the accolades you can spare. 😛


So yesterday ended up being a wash.  Right after I finished writing, Simon wanted boob.  And then he fell asleep on me, which meant I was stuck until he woke up.  So I farted around online (thank you Reddit and Pinterest!) and when he woke up, we headed up to Tea’s to hang out a bit.  I took up my last bottle of that really good Trader Joe’s Moscado, but she didn’t feel like splitting it with me so she just made me a pineapple rum punch (with fresh-ground nutmeg!  Mmmm) and listened to my tale of woe, lol.


Meanwhile, Simon was scooting around on the floor eating raw baby carrots, and Ella was offering him all her toys, in turn, to play with.  I love watching those two play!  I also got a really cute picture of the two of them together, but Tea doesn’t like pictures of Ella going online so I won’t share it.  But trust me.  CUTENESS.


…OK I just got back in from a 20-minute break in the bedroom to boob Simon back down.  He’s actually napping really well this morning!  He’s all tired out from yesterday’s excitement I guess :-\


Anyway, after we left Tea’s, Jeff asked us to come pick him up at work, so we headed downtown for that.  I love driving to downtown during rush hour(s) when everybody else is fleeing.  It makes me feel like such a rebel! 😛  The stress of yesterday morning finally caught up with me though, and on the way home all of a sudden I was like, “I am so done with today.  Just done.”  So we ran through the Taco Bell drive-through for some white trash comfort food (lol) and I went to bed as soon as I’d gotten Simon down.


If you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve seen me mention our elaborate baby bedtime ritual.  So here, in >140 characters, is the thing:  Simon is a really really really ridiculously light sleeper.  REALLY LIGHT.  So every night, Jeff gets him ready for bed and we read a story and turn on the white noise app on my iPad.  (Best $0.99 I ever spent.).  Then I lay in bed with him and boob him down.  Once he’s out, I text Jeff to come move him to the co-sleeper.  Jeff takes the collar off the dog (so she can’t wake him with its quiet jingle), then he steals into the bedroom on tiptoe.  We gently roll Simon from the boob onto Jeff’s outstretched hands, then Jeff carefully walks (avoiding the breeze of the window fan) to the co-sleeper, where he slowly lowers Simon down, watches to make sure his eyes don’t open, then geeeeeeently covers him with a light blanket.  And then I have about 45 minutes to do whatever I want, before he wakes up for more boob.


In the night – usually after his second wakeup, but sometimes after his first if he stays out long enough – I drag him into bed and he spends the rest of the night latched on and cuddling (or sometimes snuggled up against Jeff).  That’s my favorite.  I love co-sleeping 🙂


All that ceremony for bedtime, and you know what Simon does when it’s naptime and we’re out running around or I’m doing housework?  He just crashes on my back, O-U-T.  This is one attached kid!  As long as he knows where his next meal is coming from, he can sleep anywhere.


An abbreviated, completely true and non-exaggerated list of things that have awoken Simon abruptly from a sound sleep:

1)Roxie stretching and flapping her ears

2)Jeff popping open a soda can from the living room

3)Us quietly sneaking into bed and pulling back the covers

4)The spine of a book cracking

5)The sound of our phones vibrating when we plug them in

6)Macbeth leaping onto the bed

7)Our next-door neighbor flushing the toilet (thin walls)

8)The fridge door opening or microwave beeping




Shortly after we get to Akron (long enough after that it’s not extra stressful for him, but soon enough that he doesn’t get completely settled into our old routine), we’re going to start the gradual process of moving him into his own room.  We’re going to try a Montessorti floor bed.  That’s essentially just a plain twin-sized mattress on the floor, in a completely child-proof room.  I’ll start out trying to get him to nap in there sometimes, the same way we do now (boobs + sneaking away).  After a while we’ll try it for bedtime too, fully expecting that he’ll end up in bed with us each night.  Ideally I’d like to have him mostly in his own room by about his second birthday, but we’ll see how it goes.  I’m not in any hurry to stop nursing him down to sleep, but I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be nice for him to be able to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up.  We’ll get there someday 🙂


We drove Jeff to work this morning, and stopped by the store on the way home to use up a gift card that he got for his birthday.  I felt like some retail therapy but didn’t want to spend money.  So I got him an annoying noise-making remote thingy (Ella has one and he loves it).  He started fussing on the way home so I tossed it back to him, and he just started chewing on the cardboard packaging.  Way to spend $9, eh?  😛  But he’s playing with it now, so here’s at least 2 minutes of entertainment from the silly thing.  After today I think I’ll put it away until the long drive, because I’m a masochist and I think there’s nothing Linda and I will enjoy more than hearing “1-2-3, count with me!” in a chirpy, tinny voice for 700 miles, lol.  (Don’t be surprised if this ends up chucked out on the roadside somewhere around Indianapolis)


I took a picture of him playing with it here, but he just looks disheveled and befuddled, so I’ll spare you.  I only want you to see my progeny at his best. 😛


Anyway, he needs some grownup food now so I should get movin’.  Time to prepare a nutritious and delicious lunch for him to throw on the floor. Yay, baby-led weaning! 😀


I’ll end with one of my favorite recent pictures.  This was at the train place on Sunday:

Simon Hoops: future DDS?


Until next time!  (dare I say, “tomorrow”???)


PS> Remind me to tell you about the crafting I’ve been doing in my precious little free time, eh?

2 responses to “New Leaf: Day 2?

  1. Lovely to have you back, I’ve missed the updates! Baby led weaning sounds… Um… Messy! Hehe!

  2. look into one of those white noise machines or leave a long cd playing of elevator music. or you can turn on tennis, wait I meant golf. sorry alissa

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