Who knew southern California was hot in August?

(Subtitle: and other such trivia I’ve learned this year)


Let’s see…where did I leave off yesterday?


Late afternoon I went on a little walk with Tea and Ella and another neighbor of ours.  This lady is a clothing designer, super cute, and rocks the pixie haircut.  And she’s ridiculously nice.  So I’d have to hate her, if she weren’t so damn friendly.  You know that kind of person?  Where you look at them and you’re like “you…you cannot be real.  No one is that nice.”  I also think I’d have a new friend, but I don’t want to go making friends  just to run away in two weeks.  Too much effort.   LOL I think I’m revealing more about myself here than anything else 😛


Then as soon as we got home Roxie needed out (I didn’t want to bring her on the earlier walk because it’s a little exhausting to wrangle her and keep Simon’s hat on and carry on a coherent conversation), so we headed back out – I didn’t even take Simon off – and walked down the street to meet Jeff on his way home.  I partially do that to spend a few extra minutes with him, but mostly because it’s so much fun to watch Simon and Roxie lose their shit when their white knight appears, riding up the street on his bike 😉  Yesterday Simon was clapping every time a Metro train passed, applauding like it was the best show he’d ever seen.  So damn cute!


Nothing big yesterday evening: I did a little housework, we had a light dinner, then Jeff and I both crashed at like 10:00.  WE ARE SO OLD.


Have you guys heard of the Beautiful Mess app?  It’s one of those photo-editing ones, and it’s so much fun to tinker with.  Really cute and well done.  My cousin Lacey turned me onto it; she used it to edit an adorable picture she took of Simon and Jett at the Monson reunion last month (I won’t show it because I don’t know her policy on showing off her kid for public consumption).  I’ve been having a lot of fun editing pics of Simon, usually when I’m awake at 3am.  It’s more productive than screwing around on Reddit, right?  Here’s one I did of him at breakfast today:

I cropped it and fixed the tones as best I could using Aviary, then I used Beautiful Mess to add the caption and border and the picture effect.  That app has *so* many cute fonts, and adorable borders and graphics.


Here’s the original, for comparison:

Soooooo much better, right?


Here’s a couple more that I did, using the same thing (Aviary to make it pretty, Beautiful Mess for captions).  On the whole, I like Aviary’s effects the best: way better than Flickr or the ones on Instagram or Twitter (though the former aren’t too bad, really).


Anyway.  Enough photo-whoring.


We had grand plans for this morning:  Simon and I were going to run up to Glendale to pick up the prints from his 1-year photos, then we were going to take the train (!!! TRAINS !!!) downtown and have lunch with Jeff, then spin by the bank on the way home for laundry quarters.


Instead, just as we were walking out, I reached to the key peg by the door only to see that (cue ominous music) my keys weren’t there.  In fact, my keys and Simon’s hat were in Jeff’s briefcase, which was with Jeff, who was downtown at work.  That’s a great place  to keep them, eh? 😛  Obviously, a reconfiguring of plans was required.


Without keys, I couldn’t drive anywhere or even get things from the car.  Nor could I regain access to the apartment if I left.  Also helpfully in the car were Simon’s diaper bag and the umbrella stroller (Jeff calls it a “parachute”) that Simon’s Grandma and Grandpa gave him for his birthday.  And our big stroller would be a nightmare to maneuver on the train, not to mention once we reached the courthouse.  So I couldn’t even walk to the train, pushing Simon in the 85* heat.  And I couldn’t reschedule the lunch for another day, since without keys I can’t even take the dog out for potty.


So I wrapped Simon on my back (yay babywearing!), made a makeshift diaper bag using my favorite satchel (the one I’ve had since high school, that I also toted all over England), caked us both in hippie sunscreen, and we set out.

Poor sunny bebeh.  I was going to put his old, too-small hat on him, but it wouldn’t even stay over his head.  LARGE-HEADED CHILD.  DEFINITELY JEFF’S.


Of course, as soon as the door closed behind me I remembered that I’d meant to change into my walking shoes, but instead I was stuck in some brand new (not broken in) flats.  Real smart, yo.


Luckily, Simon conked out on the way:

and he has not yet developed the “magically becoming heavier when he falls asleep” feature that I understand many children possess.  Which made it easier 😉


The 2-mile walk to the train wasn’t so bad – we’ve done that walk a bunch, since the farmer’s market is right by the train station – but I usually have a stroller to pop Simon into when we get too hot.  And it’s usually 6:30 instead of 11:00.  The walk from Union Station to the courthouse wasn’t too big a deal, either.  But then Jeff said we should go to this shawarma place by Little Tokyo, and it just sounded too good to pass up, so by that point I was getting a wee bit tired and cranky 😉


All that traipsing around was worth it in the end:

My wrap was good, but the fries and that sauce were OMG RIDICULOUS.  I just…I didn’t even know that the humble french fry could be so delicious.  I’m gonna be dreaming about these tonight.  I also wanna try and recreate that dipping sauce, because I have hunch it would be amazing on falafel.  I’m pretty sure it involves mayo, rooster sauce, and parsley, but heck if I know where to go from there.  To the test kitchen! 😀


It turned out to be a good thing that I’d put together the ghetto diaper bag, because of course Simon pooped at lunch.  We couldn’t find a changing table anywhere, though, so I ended up spreading my wrap on a bench outside and changing him next to a statue of some Japanese hero from the Holocaust or something.  Then back onto my back he went, and we said goodbye to Jeff and began the long hike back home (this time with keys and hat!).


Picture me sitting on the train, leaning forward with a Simon peeping over my shoulder as I rock back and forth, trying to quiet him into a nap. Then picture a meth-y looking crazy guy.  Crazy guy told me all about how smart Simon is (“I can always tell”), and that he’ll go far in life as long as “the devil don’t get him”.  So y’all be on the lookout for the devil around my kid, eh? ;-P


The South Pasadena train station is conveniently located right across the street from my favorite coffeehouse, Buster’s.  So I popped in for some provisions to last the trip home: a mango iced tea in my Klean Kanteen (SO GOOD, especially with just a wee bit of raw sugar shaken in).  Simon fell asleep again as we were walking through the farmer’s market, and stayed out until the elevator ride up to our apartment.  As soon as our butts hit the door I took off both our pants (LOL) and we hydrated via our respective favorite methods (iced tea and boob juice – you guess which is whose), and now he’s kicking around on the floor, clapping and feeding Joe’s O’s to his “bogbog”.  And I need to think about getting dinner started.




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