We won’t be living under a bridge!

Jeff talked to our new landlord this morning; we got the big house in Akron!  This is SUCH a load off my mind.  You have no idea.


So now that we’ll actually be living here, here’s crappy picture that Jeff took at the viewing on Saturday:

Just look at that screened-in porch.  I need lemonade and  a book – stat! 😀


The inside isn’t quite as nice looking as the outside.  The kitchen is pretty 70s-tastic, and some of the floors are a little rough.  There are some interesting paint choices, and maybe a little mold in the bathroom.  But hopefully the landlord will take care of the big issues before we move in, and maybe we’ll be able to repaint, etc., ourselves (maybe even for a discount on the rent?).  I always liked the idea of that.


Now I’m just sad that it’s only for a year, because this house – from what I can tell in pictures – totally has that “forever home” quality I’m looking for.


Speaking of: a note for the future.  I cannot WAIT for the day that Simon tells someone “we were homeless until I was 5!”, because I’m always talking about how nomadic we are, how I long for a forever home, stuff like that.  That’ll be a really fun one to explain to his teacher or whatever. 😀


So with 11 days to go, I officially have nothing left to be anxious about for this move.  Now I just need to find time to pack!  (With any luck, Tea will be willing to watch Simon for a few hours over the next few days so I can really buckle down and get things done.)  It is rather difficult to be productive with a 2-1/2-foot-tall helper.

I can’t wait to find all his blocks and shapes carefully distributed randomly through our boxes of books and dishes.  I suppose as long as they all get there, it doesn’t really matter how!


It is really cute, though.  He has a lot of fun putting things in things and taking them out, so he did actually help me put all those DVDs in the box.  I’ve also (don’t laugh) started him with a chore:  when we unload the dishwasher, it’s his job to pull the silverware out (piece by painstaking piece) and hand it to me.  It’s a small thing, but it’s at least a step on the right track.


This’ll be a short one today, because now I’m really motivated to go pack!  Is it time to go yet?


PS>Aliya texted me a picture of her green backyard covered in dew this morning.  Do you have any idea how much I miss grass?  Dew?  Fog that’s not smog?  SO MUCH.


11 days!



4 responses to “We won’t be living under a bridge!

  1. I can tweet you photos daily of Akron until you get here. Then it’ll already feel like home once you get here. 😉

  2. Yay! Congratulations – and yes, it IS a porch that demands lemonade and books. 🙂

  3. Ha, its extra foggy this morning, cant see the hill across the road

  4. On your way back to seasons!

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