Are we sick of talking about moving yet?

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS.  Simon was being so cute in the TJ’s parking lot this afternoon, and for once it actually occurred to me to take a picture.  Look at this baby!

Jeez louise.  I love him.  That arm!  The furrowed brow!  So cool.


And then Serious Baby disappeared, and Mischievous Baby took over:

I need to eat him.


I really want to gussy up one (or both) of those pictures, or maybe meme the first one, but my brain is completely bereft of witty ideas (for once :-P).


Any suggestions for funny captions?


Enough gushing.  I just like him, ‘s all.


Yesterday afternoon I *tried* to work on packing, but he really wasn’t making it easy.  He hasn’t gotten as much interactive play time as he needs lately, and it’s just not the same when I spend 2 minutes making block towers for him to knock over, and then 20 minutes feeding him raisins while loading books into boxes.  Putting on Guster and dancing around helped, but I think I’m going to mostly take this afternoon off of packing and focus on good playtime with him.


We went up to the U-Haul store this morning to buy some boxes (I’ve been collecting as many as I can find, and some of our neighbors have given us some, but it’s never enough…).  I also caved and bought a package of newsprint.  Which pisses me off because I should be able to find it free somewhere, but I called all the libraries and stuff and none of them recycle their old newspapers.  I told Jeff I feel like we’re fancy people now, all buyin’ our boxes and packing supplies.  Well lah-de-DA!


I’ve gotta skedaddle.  Simes is asleep on the bed (I’m watching him via Skype), and I’d like to put away my groceries and maybe stitch for a bit before he wakes up.


10 days!


3 responses to “Are we sick of talking about moving yet?

  1. You young whippersnappers make fun of the old fogies who read their news on dead trees, but then you complain because you have to pay good money for newsprint without even any words printed on it.

  2. Dianne Hoffmann

    The first picture would say….but I don’t want to leave California 😦
    The second picture would say…oh, I didn’t know we were going to Ohio!

  3. Rhonda from Baddeck

    We found that boxes from Lowes/Home Depot are less expensive than the place we rent our storage unit, and perhaps U-Haul. Perhaps a wine store or grocery store would let you take some boxes? Good luck with the packing – sounds like you have it well under control. And the new house looks great!

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