Busy busy busy!

I feel like we’re really getting into crunch time on the move.  This is when my mind abruptly switches from “ahh you have 10 days. You’re fine.” to “HOLY SHIT 9 DAYS WHAT ARE YOU DOING SITTING ON YOUR ASS AND BLOGGING!?!”

But in reality, we’re in pretty good shape.  I’ve packed up almost everything except the kitchen and the pictures, etc. on the walls.  I did most of our clothes last night and will finish those up this afternoon when Chicken wakes up.

BTW, this is how I’ve been accomplishing all this blogging:

See my little Skype window with sleepy baby (on unmade bed :-\)?  Yeah, I’m not going to wake him up just to make the bed in a desperate effort to convince y’all that I’ve got my shit together 😛

He’s extra sleepy this morning because we hopped up to take Jeff to work, then ran to Target and the dry cleaner on the way home.   Busy times! In Target’s Starbucks (where I enjoyed a delicious iced peach green tea), he made friends with an ancient Chinese woman.  They played peek-a-boo and she blew him kisses.

Oh.  So you know how I talked the other day about missing seeing green stuff in the Midwest? I thought I’d take a couple pictures at stoplights today to show you what I’m talking about.  Essentially, LA is just dusty and brown, and just doesn’t feel “clean” (to me).  A lot of the sidewalks are carpeted in crushed mulberries and palm tree berries and these other ones that I can’t identify.  Palm fronds fall onto the roads and get ground to dust by cars.  So a lot of the suicide lanes and medians look like this:

since there’s no rain to wash it away, and I’m sure the city can’t afford to take care of it.

Speaking of “not taken care of”, that’s another thing with the palm trees.  No one prunes them (again, I think the municipalities have better things to worry about), and y’all know I’m not a fan of palm trees anyway, but when they look like this:

(source) it doesn’t really help (they remind me of Captain Caveman).  Just…ew.  Who wants to look at that?

The other thing about LA’s landscape – that’s actually probably a good thing – is how little grass there is.  Since LA is so dry, most of the water comes from the mountains, a source that’s quickly being depleted.  So I can totally respect water conservation, and am glad when people don’t waste it irrigating lawns for no good reason.  THAT SAID, this is not pretty to look at, is it?

But I don’t absolutely hate everything about LA, despite how it might seem 😉  It was pretty neat getting to see flowers like this in the middle of winter:

and the jacaranda trees were *everywhere* in spring:

That part, at least, really is nice 🙂  I also love being able to see the mountains in the distance, as we walk around our neighborhood.  I’ll miss that in Ohio!

But I still can’t wait to go where it’s green and pretty in the summer, rich orange in the fall, and a thick blanket of snow in the winter.


…I remember in January I was walking down Colorado up in Pasadena, and I saw all the fashionable girls running around in leggings and big heavy coats and scarves.  IT WAS 70 DEGREES.  Unless you literally just stepped off a plane from somewhere with real weather, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT SHIT.


Anyway. How’s that for a tangent? 😛


We had the most fun this afternoon.  Simes and I got together with a couple of my Twitter LSG’ers in Griffith Park near the observatory.  It was so nice!

I love it when people step out of the Internet and into real life 🙂


Simon was exhausted from playing with his new friends and conked out almost before I could get him strapped into the car.  He woke up when we came in, but quickly boobed back down.  I took a shower (!!!), and here I am.  In a little bit we’re going to go pick Jeff up at the train station then head to this really good Mexican restaurant in Pasadena for dinner, and I might try to coerce Jeff to take me to Menchie’s afterward.  I haven’t had a real meal since yesterday, so I think I need some fish tacos followed by frozen yogurt, yes? 😛


Hope y’all are having a good evening!


One response to “Busy busy busy!

  1. You can put a hibiscus in your back yard when you get here and bring it in in the winter. for a mountain scene, I don’t know where to go, but Hocking Hills is a terrific place to go hiking, they have little cabins to stay all night $$ but worth it. Those palm trees….are they shedding? I’ve never seen a picture like that poor things, like a sheep that hasn’t been shorn…sad. Its early and I’m pooped. ttyl

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