I think it’s catching up to me

I’m cranky today.  It’s a zillion degrees out and the stupid little wall AC that’s supposed to cool our entire apartment isn’t, I have a bunch of packing to do and mayhem-in-a-diaper is making that rather difficult, and for some reason my computer is running slower than molasses.


So rather than sit here and bitch anymore, I’mma do something about it 😀


Exciting thing #1:  You know my beloved Dyeabolical Strong Arm sock yarn, the one that’s been discontinued? I have made 6 pairs of socks with this yarn.  It holds up better than almost anything I’ve knitted with, and it’s squishysoft and gorgeous.  Magical!


I love that stuff.


So when Kara mentioned she was de-stashing some, well…

That’ll be greeting me in Ohio.  All the Strong Arm for meeeeee!


Exciting thing #2:  I have disposed of the remaining donuts.  So they’ll no longer be haunting me.  Also, this is why we never buy donuts.


Exciting thing #3:  Simon has some new skills:  shaking thing with rhythm, manipulating his stacking rings really quickly (laboring over each piece is so yesterday!), and banging on his little drum.  Yesterday afternoon he was playing with the stacker and I was packing in the kitchen, and he tossed another ring on the post.  By that point I had said “YAYYYY!!!!!” and applauded about 400 times, so my enthusiasm for the accomplishment was, understandably, waning just a bit.  So I said, “Yayy!” and went on about my business.  Looked over a second later, and Simon was staring at me, solemn-faced.  Once we made eye contact he slowly clapped, once or twice, to show me what I needed to do.  When I said, “YAYYYY!!!!!!!” and clapped, he burst into a giant grin and, satisfied, went back to his  stacking.


It’s like he was saying, “That’s right, Mama.  You’d BETTER be impressed!”


Speaking of the lil’ stinker:

He comprises Exciting Things #3 through 13,248,895.


Exciting Thing #13,248,896, though, is that in less than an hour we get to leave to pick up Jeff, and once he comes home I’ll have the rest of the evening free to pack.  Whoopee!   After Simes goes to sleep, I think I’ll try to finish the lef oof that knee sock.  I’m about 3/4 of the way there!


Now that we’ve danced to Gangnam Style 5 times in a row (at least 600k of its 1.75 billion views have come from our IP address), it’s time to go be a Mama.  That is, feed him Joe-O’sand sing Jayhawks songs off-key while I make a racket arranging pots and pans in boxes.


What’s your exciting thing for today?


2 responses to “I think it’s catching up to me

  1. Sounds like the packing is on the downhill sliiiiide ! not much more to do.
    Don’t forget to keep drinking water, it is amazing how short a good temper will get if you don’t keep up good fluids in the heat. You are outputting heaps of boob juice, way more than you think, because little man is now so strong and fast at getting his food.
    Soda has sugar and will just make you thirsty, tea and coffee will make you pee out more than you take in, so water is best, with slices of lemon if you get bored.
    This time next week will be all go go go, sooo exciting for you, to be moving back to the cool place, just in time to get used to weather that includes COLD for months.

  2. Can you recommend a sock pattern for a giant man foot??

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