4 to go!

I should be packing, not sitting on my butt eating cold mac and cheese and icy Diet Coke.  BUT LOOK AT ME GO.


Part of it is because Simes is asleep in the bedroom, and I’ve learned the hard way that I really cannot pack while he’s napping.  The RRRIIIIIIPPPPPP of the packing tape, the clanging of pots and pans – it wakes him right up.  So instead I shall sit on my ass and knit a knee sock and talk at y’all.


We’ve had a busy morning.  Drove Jeff to work since I packed his bike pump (after he pumped his tires, TYVM) but his front tire isn’t holding air.  So this is my penance for being on top of things. 😛  Then Simon had a pediatrician’s appointment way up in Pasadena – just a quick jab for his flu shot.    After that, I decided to reward myself that he barely cried (shut up, there’s logic there).  So I went into this coffee shop by the pediatrician’s office, feeling all righteous and “lah de DA look at me not going to Starbucks!  I’m supporting a local business! Hurr durr durr”.


My reward was a creepy little place that was empty at 10:00am, a green tea smoothie made from powder + ice + milk, and (I noticed in the bakery case on my way out) a spot of mold on the displayed muffins.

I will not be going back.


As I’ve been doing these last-minute errands before the move, knowing full well I’ll never see any of the people I interact with ever again, I’ve been saying little goodbyes inside my head:  “So long, Brenda the receptionist at the vet’s office!”  “Goodbye, bank teller lady who always compliments my wraps!”  “Rudy! Our favorite photographer at JC Penney!  Farewell!”  It’d be pretty damn lame to actually say goodbye to any of these people – like they know me from a hole in the wall anyway – but I still feel the need to inwardly commemorate the occasion.


I’m also doing it to places:  “Au revoir, stupid weird intersection!”  “Adios, Target Starbucks that always screws up my chai!”  “Sayonara, mail drop box that looks like it wants to give me tetanus!”


Probably should see about adjusting the ol’ meds, eh?


I’ll end with a couple pictures from Simon’s 1-year session.  It continues to baffle me how I managed to create something so stinkin’ beautiful.

(My real kid – the one with the lazy eye and mole-y skin and lank hair – is probably still waiting to be picked up at the St. Mary’s NICU.)


(I love that one.  A grandma in the waiting room nearly had a heart attack when we took it. :-D)


So dignified!


That last one reminds me so much of Jeff’s official clerk portrait:

So maybe Simon’s not a NICU switcheroo after all. 😛


Time to stop dredging apple slices in Greek yogurt and get to work.  TO ZEE KUH-NITTINK!



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