Happy Thursday!

We’ve had a busy couple of days  Luckily it was mostly fun-busy, less stress-busy (though our bum of a property manager still isn’t answering my calls/emails.  GRR.)


On Tuesday I hung up my chalkboard (finally!).  This gives me such a happy.

It’s only been OVER A YEAR, JESUS CHRIST!  (There was no space to hang it in our LA kitchen, so it lived propped in a corner of the office/craft room for a year.)


How stinkin’ wonderful is that?  I am so in love.


Then Simesie boy and I made some cookies:

to foist upon Jeff’s unsuspecting co-workers.  They are good.  Because duh.


And we built a fort:

The only thing more fun than building a fort is knocking it down!


Yesterday I came down with the type of cold that leaves you cranky and low-energy, but isn’t severe enough to actually lay you up.  So I pressed onward in our daily activities, snotting and coughing all the way.  Sexy!


A while back I joined an Akron-area kids’ clothing sale group on Facebook, and yesterday it finally paid off.  A woman was selling a toddler-sized Yoda costume, so we ran over to Stow and picked it up after dropping Jeff at work.


Simon didn’t think much of the headgear 😛

Ah well.  He’s got 6 weeks to get used to it. 😀


In the meantime, I need to find some cargo pants at a thrift store for Jeff, and hem and dye an old t-shirt for him.  BECAUSE THIS:


Babywearing Halloween FTW! 😛


I also installed our clothesline yesterday.  One step closer to a dream come true!

That was the second time using my drill, in as many days.  (Wow awkward phrasing much?)  With any luck, our forever home will have a real clothesline on posts, but a retractable spool clothesline is better than no clothesline at all!


This weekend I’m going to get a couple things at Home Depot and work on winterizing the yard.  That dirt strip by the driveway is unappealing looking, but shady almost all day.  Any ideas what I should plant (maybe in the spring)?


This morning Simes and I headed out to one of those three-days-only consignment sales down in Canton.  He needed a coat and a few more pyjamas (seems like I’m always buying that kid pyjamas!), and I, as always, maintained a faint hope that I might find a gorgeous woven wrap tucked into a pile of baby blankets or something.


I’m sure you can figure out how well that last bit worked. 😛


The sale wasn’t the best I’ve ever been to, but it wasn’t bad.  I found the items on my list, but then I saw a giant Enfamil booth:

And the formula-pusher lady was talking to that mom in purple.  She said, “Are you breastfeeding?”  (Mom nodded)  “Good for you!  Just in case it stops working, take this.  It’ll be a huge help and really lift the burden!” And then she shoved a big shiny tote bag of formula and crap at this family.  THIS is the kind of stuff that pisses me off to no end.  It undermines a perfectly healthy breastfeeding relationship.  Not all breastfeeding mamas are educated about the dangers of formula, and not all of them will understand the negative effects of formula.  Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff?  By calling breastfeeding a “burden” and paying lip service to supporting the mama, the Enfamil rep was worming her way into the family’s awareness and trust.


Seriously, formula marketing sickens me.  It’s one thing if a family needs to use formula, or makes an educated decision to choose it, but it’s another thing completely when the companies pretend that they’re supporting breastfeeding while actually deceptively promoting their inferior product.


I thought about whipping a boob out right there, or claiming an open booth for an impromptu breastfeeding support station, but I made the mistake of calling Jeff and telling him about my brilliant plan and he talked me out of it.  Something about not wanting to have to come to Canton and bail me out of prison.  IDK.   Meanie.


I need to shut up now.  It’s making me too mad to think about.


Anyway.  In addition to a coat and a couple shirts and some jams, I also found this little bit of wonderfulness:

Grey. Wool. Tweed. Sportcoat.  WITH ELBOW PATCHES!!!  I am dead.


I’ll try to take a picture of him wearing it after he wakes up from his nap here.  Warning: it will be blurry 😀


Finally, MY MY MY MY MY hydrangea.  MINE!

I may have to try and dry that, as Kathy suggested.  Isn’t it just unbearably gorgeous?!


Hope you’re having an excellent week!


5 responses to “Happy Thursday!

  1. My week is good. Not as good as a wee tweed sports coat and hydrangeas, but good.

  2. Uh. The reason there is that patch of dirt beside the driveway is because that is where they pile the SNOW during the winter months. And it doesn’t melt until the 4th of July. Welcome back to the Midwest!

  3. Wear the yoda first, and let him see how fun it is…especially when jeff comes in the door.
    as for what to plant in your drive strip, don’t buy anything. I have hostas that love shade, i’ll bring some up when I come–before winter, I hope, just have the soil loose and we’ll plant them (they can survive in a car trunk all winter, so you can’t hurt them)

  4. Hastas! plant hastas there. you might be able to find some someone wants to uproot because they don’t look perfect right now. If you can get them free do it. Then plant them there, let them die for the winter and enjoy how beautiful they grow come spring.

    Glad you got to use your drill again. I just use my husband’s. And it’s pretty rare. Normally I let him do all the work.

    LOOVE the sports coat. ❤

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