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Evading cabin fever

I had the best intentions to blog yesterday, but it didn’t work out.  It shouldn’t really be working out today, either, but I’ve bought Simon’s silence with an oatmeal cookie (we baked them this morning.  Pecans, dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries. Yum!)

So here we are.  Better make this quick!

Our weekend was pretty darn close to perfect.  On Saturday we went up to Cleveland to check out West Side Market (I had SUCH a fun time there last fall with Megan and Marin, and wanted to share it with Jeff) and play tourists for a while.

I love that place; it’s well worth the drive!  Of course, it’s completely different on a Saturday morning than it is during the middle of the week (DUH), and crowds are, err…not our favorite thing.  But Simon was snug in the Tula, so Jeff and I dodged the crowds and bought all the pastries our canvas bag would hold:

And fancy olives.  And dolmas.  YUM.

So crowded.  So neat!

Then we walked over to Great Lakes Brewing for lunch.  I had fish and chips; Jeff had a ridiculously good beer, one of their brewery exclusives (I had a few sips) and a really good brat with pierogis (he alleges.  Like hell I’m touching a flesh-stuffed intestinal tube.)  Simon made do with scraps from home, like usual. Poor baby.

We weren’t quite ready to head back to Akron after lunch, so we decided to check out Cleveland’s natural history museum.

And there we saw OMG DUCKS!

Pretty sure this was the highlight of Simon’s little life; he was absolutely captivated.  And chilling there with his sleepy eyes in his little stroller, it was more than a little reminiscent of an old man sitting at a nursing home (and would’ve been sorta sad if it hadn’t been so cute :-P).

We eventually dragged him away, though, and he quickly resumed his ornery toddler-y ways:

Little stinker. He’s my favorite.

As one might expect, he conked out on the drive home and was OK with a quiet evening with Mama Daddy.  On Sunday we just hung out around the house and did some chores; pretty quiet.

Yesterday was “challenging”.  Someone was in full-on Toddler Mode all day, and it wasn’t necessarily the person you’d expect.  By 5:00 I was ready to scream, so we escaped to the post office and the grocery store (exciting!), then picked up Jeff from work.  Jeff made the very wise decision to entertain Simon almost all evening, leaving me free to unwind (you know…do dishes and laundry. :-\)  It was actually a pretty good time for everyone.

He determined earlier today that sleep is for babies and since he is a big boy, naps are completely unnecessary.  See how well that worked out:

We worked on a nap for 2 hours, including a 20-minute intermission in which I took a nice long shower while he stood at the baby gate and talked to me.  I warned him that his days of endless pacifier boob are numbered, but to no avail.  Toddlers are not well known for their foresight or appreciation.

So, bedtime tonight should be interesting. I predict he’ll either  go down in 5 minutes, or 75.  Who wants to take bets?

I’m starting to feel guilty about parking my butt in front of the computer for so long, so I’d best be off.  Simon and I have been reading “Where Is Your Nose?” off and on as I write.  He can now consistently identify his eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, hair, tum, hands, knees, and feet.  Even when the book isn’t in front of him.  Big smart boy!  Tomorrow we start calculus.


::annoying whistle::

Inspired by Annie, I’ve decided to try and put together a list of 10 things I like about St. Louis.  Most of these are things I’ve only discovered since we moved here in 2008, and will miss when we move away.

I’ve been percolating this idea for a week now, and think I’ve finally come up with a full ten.  And they aren’t even backhanded! (well, most of them anyway)

10 Things That Are Pretty OK About St. Louis

1)Forest Park.  It’s an amazing asset with tons of free or low-priced attractions like the Art Museum, the Zoo, the Science Center, and the Muny.  Then of course there’s the Shakespeare Festival (my writeup here), awesome trails, and a golf course if you’re into that sort of thing.  Plus I live about a mile from there 🙂

2)City Garden.  I’m here just about every day on my lunchtime walks, and more than once I’ve been tempted to slip off my shoes and play in the fountains 🙂  It’s great for bringing people downtown!

3)The Loop.  Maybe it’s just because I’m there several times a week (my house is less than a mile away; I pass it on my way to the train every day), but there’s no better district IMNSHO.  Great restaurants, fun little shops, *fantastic* people-watching.  What’s not to love?

4)Which reminds me…the public transit!  Between riding my bike and taking the train, I only drive my car *maybe* once a week, when I’ve gotta go out into the suburbs or buy a bag of dog food or whatever.   St. Louis has a lot of room for improvement on promoting alternative transportation methods – bike lanes are few and far between and the train lines are sorely limited – but at least they’re there.  It’s slowly improving, I’ve gotta give the city and municipalities’ planners credit for that.  (Oh – and there’s WeCar downtown – amazing!)

5)The yarn shops.  I’m especially partial to Knitorious and Knitty Couture, but there are lots of other amazing LYS’s here, as well.  Who needs Hobby Lobby? 😛  (Oh – and there’s going to be a big crawl next weekend, too!  Wish I weren’t on a diet…)

6)Ted Drewe’s.  Mmmm…

7)The Indie crafter scene.  StL Craft Mafia, and festivals like Green with Indie and Strange Folk (my writeup here).  Then add random farmer’s market awesomenes and the Craft Alliance, and you’re in crafter heaven.

8)The architecture (And I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m in the industry).  Gorgeous eye-candy homes along Lindell north of Forest Park, beautiful old buildings downtown (those that haven’t been razed, that is), great historic neighborhoods.  If you’re willing to drive through the suburban wasteland to get there, there’s really a lot of beauty to be found 🙂

9)The mayor is on Twitter and it’s every bit as dorky as you’d imagine.  And then some.

10)Great local foods and brews.  SchlaflyFitz’sprovel cheeseSquare One –  Joe Boccardi’s pizzagooey butter cakeCrown Candy Kitchen.  YUM!  (And yes, Ted Drewe’s still merits its own listing up above :-D)