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Myra’s Coffee Cake

I’m working on a giaaaant Christmas/KC trip recap post (I’ve been writing it off and on for FOUR FREAKING DAYS now), but in the meantime, I decided to make a coffee cake.  And share the recipe with you.  Because really: you need this in your life. (The actual cake-cake went to a friend’s house where Simon and I hung out this afternoon.  We consumed hummus and craft beer and coffee cake and snorgled each other’s babies.  It was lovely.)




Myra’s Coffee Cake

(Myra was a friend of my grandma’s, and her recipe has been passed into our family’s collective repertoire.  This cake has made an appearance at just about every family function for as long as I can remember.  It’s just *simple*: simple to make, simple taste, and simply delicious.  There really is nothing better!


2 1/2c sifted flour

3/4c white sugar

3/4c brown sugar

3/4c vegetable oil

1c buttermilk

1 egg

1t baking powder

1t baking soda

1t vanilla

1/2t salt


1c pecans, chopped

Preheat oven to 350*F; grease and flour a 9×9 or 9×11 pan.  Mix the flour, sugars and oil – will look lumpy and crumbly.  Save out about 1c of this mixture; leave the rest in your mixing bowl.  To the rest, add the other ingredients and mix just until lumpy (like pancake batter).

Pour into your prepared pan; top with chopped pecans, that reserved 1c of flour/sugar/oil, (crumble it over the top) and a hearty sprinkle of cinnamon.  Bake for about 35 minutes, or until toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

God I love this coffee cake.  It travels well, tastes just as good the second day (if it lasts that long), and serves as a great base for other craziness: how about putting blueberries in, and topping with a vanilla glaze?  Or chocolate chips (or butterscotch)!  Fresh diced peaches?  Go crazy, y’all!

Playing with coffee cake never killed anybody.  Just sayin’.


Hookers and blow are NEVER the answer

Jeff is out of town, and I’m easily bored. And excessively fond of the sound of my own voice.


So I made you a video about nothing, so you too may enjoy the sound of my voice.


(And you say I never do anything for you…)


PS>The cake recipe.  Kara’s version.  Phoenix Rising.  And, in case I’ve inspired you to also abuse your dog:  Roxie’s packpack.

My happy place


::squish squish::  ::sigh::



Engross yourself in the pretty.  Breathe it in.



Malabrigo = meditation.


Tomorrow:  “Malabrigo.  Not just for pettin’.”

Friday Favorites – 8/13/10

Gotta make this quick, Jeff wants to go to Ted Drewe’s and I *guess* I’ll indulge him 😛


I fully support street art of this nature.

So cute I almost died.

Hyperbole and a Half wins again.

Great compilation!

Why haven’t I tried making baguette yet?  Oh yes.  The laziness.

Best use of color in a tattoo that I’ve seen in a LONG while.  J’adore!


Amazing afghan, amazing act of kindness by Thi.  Love it!

Orange-pecan sticky buns with dates and cranberries.  What else is there to say?

On writing and education.

Little House Cookbook!  I *must* buy this for HH’s.  Yeeahhhh…HH’s. ::solemn nod::

I am physically pained by this photo.  The windsuits and turtlenecks bring up childhood memories I’d *thought* I’d repressed.  ::shudder::

I love pun dog!

This is my new favorite.

OK LAST recipe of the week.  I promise.  But you can’t miss these banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

I can’t decide if this makes me happy or sad.

One more.  That’s it.  NOW I’m done.  I mean it this time.

PS>Don’t click here.  Unless you find caramel and chocolate completely unappealing anyway, and won’t be tempted.

Friday Favorites – 5/28/10

Take out the Jebus-izing and I really like what Michelle Duggar says here.  Now, how much of that is actually true I don’t know, but it’s an admirable ideal.

I’ve gotta try this jam – thanks for the recipe, Caroline!

I laughed ’till I died.  And if you like Owl City, or if you hate them, you’ll love the video too.

This post by Alison over at The Blue Blog makes me happy in my face and heart.

I’ve already made this, only with dollops of lemon curd rather than rhubarb.  YUM.

You gotta go read the whole article on this one.

I pine for a clothesline.  ::sigh::

Amazing wedding invitation.

Bagels.  Sunday.  It’s a date.

This is how I feel most of the time.


Have a good weekend, y’all 🙂

Bet you wish…

…that you worked in my office today!

To celebrate a co-worker’s birthday, last night I made one of these cheesecakes (only mine has raspberry & blueberry sauce instead of strawberry).  NOM! 🙂

I’ll have a piece in honor of each and every one of you, my lovely readers.  ❤

The reality

I do this to myself every year.

You crafty/homey/bakey types know just what I’m talking about.  In the next 3 days not only do I need to finish making three gifts, but I’ve also gone and committed myself to another year of baking craziness – craziness that I love, of course.

Earlier this morning I emailed my mother-in-law about the items I’ll be bringing to the Christmas Eve dinner at their house.  It’s not going to be much, just some gourmet cheese and homemade crackers, the preservative-filled pinwheels (tortillas filled with herb-y cream cheese, green onions, and shredded cheddar) that my husband so loves, and a red velvet cake.  She responded,

That’s sounds like a lot of work!  Are you sure you want to do all that?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I hadn’t even mentioned the two batches of M&M cookies, the 4 or 5 double batches of fudge, or the snickerdoodles, lemonade drops, sugar cookies, mint snowballs, cinnamon rolls, and whatever else I’m crazy enough to tuck into the metal tins this year.

This on top of the aforementioned three gifts to finish, the wrapping, and all the usual household-y stuff that won’t wait just because I’m otherwise committed.
(Say, maybe that’s the ticket – maybe I should just be committed).