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Many thanks to everyone for the comments, Facebook posts, texts and emails congratulating us on our  impending addition!  We are so stinkin’ excited to meet Garfunkel.  Based off the pancake theory of birth order, this one should be even better than Simon! (Nooooooooooo)


Speaking of my most favorite bigboy, I juuuuust got him down for a nap.  He’s having a very Toddler day today, complete with “tired but don’t want to sleep” fussiness, “not THAT water bottle!” pickiness, and also adorable fun at every turn.  So I’m consoling myself with an Amy’s pizza pocket and some veggie chips for lunch.


He’s got this new trick that I tried SO hard to get a picture of, but completely failed.  We call it the “demon imp” face.  He pulls it with no warning, and it’s the most laugh-out-loud ridiculous combination of furrowed brow, sly smile, and upcast glance.  It’s just…oh I have got to take a picture.  He did it once at dinner last night and Jeff and I both just DIED, then at breakfast he did it again.  We were Skyping with my mom this morning and he started doing it on demand, egged on by Mom and me cackling every time he pulled the face.


Every time I head into the kitchen to work now (even if it’s just to wipe down the counters or make a snack), Simon follows me in and pushes a kitchen chair up to the counter to help me cook.  And he won’t take no for an answer.  He helped me throw together our dinner salad the other day:


And yesterday we made some jam bars.  He tested them out, taking his role quite seriously, this morning:


He’s been a clingy sleeper lately; I’ve had trouble extricating during his naps (there was a 45-minute intermission in my post here when he roused just long enough to get me thoroughly stuck).  But it’s hard to mind too much; before long I won’t be able to nap under him all the time like this.

His little head still smells so nice.  Sweet and salty and warm.


Today is National Frozen Yogurt day so I think we’re going to run to Menchie’s for dessert tonight.  (I’m going to do Indian food from the TJ’s frozen section for dinner).  If you Like Menchie’s on Facebook you’ll get a coupon for 6 oz free, today only.  Sweet!  (Or tart)


And now I’m going to try and finish folding laundry before my helper wakes up.


Happy Thursday!


Happy Thursday!

We’ve had a busy couple of days  Luckily it was mostly fun-busy, less stress-busy (though our bum of a property manager still isn’t answering my calls/emails.  GRR.)


On Tuesday I hung up my chalkboard (finally!).  This gives me such a happy.

It’s only been OVER A YEAR, JESUS CHRIST!  (There was no space to hang it in our LA kitchen, so it lived propped in a corner of the office/craft room for a year.)


How stinkin’ wonderful is that?  I am so in love.


Then Simesie boy and I made some cookies:

to foist upon Jeff’s unsuspecting co-workers.  They are good.  Because duh.


And we built a fort:

The only thing more fun than building a fort is knocking it down!


Yesterday I came down with the type of cold that leaves you cranky and low-energy, but isn’t severe enough to actually lay you up.  So I pressed onward in our daily activities, snotting and coughing all the way.  Sexy!


A while back I joined an Akron-area kids’ clothing sale group on Facebook, and yesterday it finally paid off.  A woman was selling a toddler-sized Yoda costume, so we ran over to Stow and picked it up after dropping Jeff at work.


Simon didn’t think much of the headgear 😛

Ah well.  He’s got 6 weeks to get used to it. 😀


In the meantime, I need to find some cargo pants at a thrift store for Jeff, and hem and dye an old t-shirt for him.  BECAUSE THIS:


Babywearing Halloween FTW! 😛


I also installed our clothesline yesterday.  One step closer to a dream come true!

That was the second time using my drill, in as many days.  (Wow awkward phrasing much?)  With any luck, our forever home will have a real clothesline on posts, but a retractable spool clothesline is better than no clothesline at all!


This weekend I’m going to get a couple things at Home Depot and work on winterizing the yard.  That dirt strip by the driveway is unappealing looking, but shady almost all day.  Any ideas what I should plant (maybe in the spring)?


This morning Simes and I headed out to one of those three-days-only consignment sales down in Canton.  He needed a coat and a few more pyjamas (seems like I’m always buying that kid pyjamas!), and I, as always, maintained a faint hope that I might find a gorgeous woven wrap tucked into a pile of baby blankets or something.


I’m sure you can figure out how well that last bit worked. 😛


The sale wasn’t the best I’ve ever been to, but it wasn’t bad.  I found the items on my list, but then I saw a giant Enfamil booth:

And the formula-pusher lady was talking to that mom in purple.  She said, “Are you breastfeeding?”  (Mom nodded)  “Good for you!  Just in case it stops working, take this.  It’ll be a huge help and really lift the burden!” And then she shoved a big shiny tote bag of formula and crap at this family.  THIS is the kind of stuff that pisses me off to no end.  It undermines a perfectly healthy breastfeeding relationship.  Not all breastfeeding mamas are educated about the dangers of formula, and not all of them will understand the negative effects of formula.  Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff?  By calling breastfeeding a “burden” and paying lip service to supporting the mama, the Enfamil rep was worming her way into the family’s awareness and trust.


Seriously, formula marketing sickens me.  It’s one thing if a family needs to use formula, or makes an educated decision to choose it, but it’s another thing completely when the companies pretend that they’re supporting breastfeeding while actually deceptively promoting their inferior product.


I thought about whipping a boob out right there, or claiming an open booth for an impromptu breastfeeding support station, but I made the mistake of calling Jeff and telling him about my brilliant plan and he talked me out of it.  Something about not wanting to have to come to Canton and bail me out of prison.  IDK.   Meanie.


I need to shut up now.  It’s making me too mad to think about.


Anyway.  In addition to a coat and a couple shirts and some jams, I also found this little bit of wonderfulness:

Grey. Wool. Tweed. Sportcoat.  WITH ELBOW PATCHES!!!  I am dead.


I’ll try to take a picture of him wearing it after he wakes up from his nap here.  Warning: it will be blurry 😀


Finally, MY MY MY MY MY hydrangea.  MINE!

I may have to try and dry that, as Kathy suggested.  Isn’t it just unbearably gorgeous?!


Hope you’re having an excellent week!

Monday morning video

My parents didn’t have a video camera at all when I was growing up, which I’m pretty sure indicates that they didn’t really love me (right Mom, Dad?).  I mean, Betamax WAS a thing!   I guess they just didn’t think I was cute enough to memorialize on tape (::sigh::)


I don’t want Simon to harbor any doubts about our love for him.  Hence, random little iPhone videos like this 🙂

Happy Monday!

Simon: 2 months

Simon, dude, if we thought the first month of your life was a ride, it had NOTHIN’ on the second month.


After passing your 1-month birthday in a hotel in Kansas City, you got to meet a bunch of friends and family and have lots of quality time with Grammy, all of whom love you ridiculous amounts.  Like, stalker-ish amounts.


Seriously, we’re talkin’ “if you weren’t a baby it would be creepy” quantities of adoration.


Not that it’s unjustified, of course.  You’re clearly awesome and brilliant and adorable.


After the Kansas City adventure, at the tender age of almost-five-weeks, you got to go on your very first plane ride, to your new home in Los Angeles!


And you were THAT BABY on the plane.  No, not the scream-y fussy baby.  The other one.  The one who’s so quiet cuddled up in the Maya wrap on my chest that no one knew you were even there.  THAT baby.  Good job, little dude!



Reunited in Los Angeles with Dad and your dog and your kitty, and getting lots of cuddles from Granddad (who drove the moving truck all the way from Missouri, thankyousomuchDad), your next task was to help me unpack the whole apartment and send your dad off to work every day.



It’s a big job for a little dude, but you performed admirably.  And you were busy growing leaps and bounds the whole time, too (50th percentile of your adjusted age for length and weight; 75th for head.  Thanks, Jeff…).  You also picked up some nifty tricks, like occasionally rolling from your tummy to back when you feel like it, and smiling a couple times, and becoming the frickin’ head control MASTER.  You could, like, teach head control seminars to the other babies.


And then there’s the boob-ing.  Oh god, the boob-ing.  If I didn’t know better I’d swear my milk was chocolate or something, the way you go at it.  But it’s paying off, because look at those cheeks!  I don’t know if you’ll ever be a roly-poly baby, but you’re definitely plumping up compared to your NICU days.  Go boobs go!


(behold the mile-long, translucent blonde eyelashes.  I die!)


Now we’re settling into a routine of adventures every weekend, then during the week we take long walks with Roxie in the mornings and spend our afternoons reading stories (current author: Garrison Keillor), bopping around to music (you seem to love Muse, the Beatles, and Edward Sharpe.  Good choices, son.), having tummy time, and napping in your super-swaddler (no more BabyDavidBlaine!).  It’s really not a bad life, is it?


By next month I expect you to master baby phonics, develop a basic calisthenics routine, and help with housework (you can start by washing diapers).  FREE RIDE’S OVER, DUDE.  CHIP-CHOP. GET MOVIN’.





Just kidding,



1 month

Simon: 1 month old

No, I haven’t completely lost track of time.  I know that Simon is almost two months old now.  But my blogging is (sadly) not keeping up with our activities, so I’m just now getting around to sharing the 1-month pictures I took of him a couple days after his *real* 1 month birthday.



The tardiness of this post is, in many ways, indicative of how hectic the first few weeks of little dude’s life were.  Born early, two weeks in the NICU, two weeks at home in St. Louis surrounded by a flurry of packing, and then capped off with his first-ever road trip (to Kansas City).



So can you really blame him for just lounging around, once he caught a break?



I think it goes without saying, though, that this would’ve been a billion times harder if he weren’t such an easy baby.  But even in his Tiny Dictator moments, he really does just go with the flow.  He slept just fine in a laundry basket, on his granddad’s chest, or in a pack’n’play in a hotel room (but his favorite spot is on me, in a wrap).  He’d wake up, grunt a bit, get a boob (the ultimate in portable, on-demand dining!), squawk a little while being changed, get another boob, and go straight back to sleep.



And he did it all while being unbearably cute, and working hard at growing big and strong!



So it’s pretty OK that he wreaked havoc on our plans.  I suppose babies tend to do that for their parents, one way or another.



And since we like him a bunch, and since he still looks like Jeff’s mini-me, and since the dog is rather fond of him, I think we’ll keep him.





PS>I got the idea to take his monthly birthday pictures on one particular quilt a long time ago, from another blog.  So that’s what I’m going to *try* for.


PPS>See the moving boxes in the background of that last picture?  Yeah, I took these on the air mattress we were using for a bed, the day after we got to LA.

You deserve better than this

We’re in LA, completely buried in boxes and busy learning a new city.


I can’t find the box with Simon’s bath sponge so Jeff had to hold him over the kitchen sink for his bath.


The stove doesn’t work and the maintenance guy won’t be coming until tomorrow.  We’re on Day 8 of takeout, sandwiches, and bagels.  (I just now found the bowls, so we can move up to microwaved mac ‘n cheese!  Woot!)


LA has just as many palm trees as I’d feared, and all this sunshine is annoying as hell.


We went to Ikea for the first time and it was awesome.


The only reason I’m able to blog now (and one-handed, at that), is because we’re currently doing this:

And as soon as he’s done, I must get back to tackling this:


But I’d rather be writing.  A short list (more for myself than anything) of things to tell y’all about:

  • Simon’s birth story
  • Adventures in the NICU
  • Leaving St. Louis (including the boys’ road trip)
  • Meeting the family
  • The new apartment

Until then, have a picture of a baby wearing preemie-sized jeans:

PS>I just unpacked my KitchenAid and am fighting the urge to abandon all the unpacking and go bake something.

Poor little guy doesn’t stand a chance

After proving his mettle at breastfeeding, Simon got to come home from the NICU yesterday.


Just in time to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday, Hoops-style:

Sorry, kid.  You’re destined to a lifetime of geekitude, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


And yes, I promise we’ll read Chapter 2 tomorrow night.  And Chapter 3 after that.  And on and on and on.  We’ve got all the time in the world, little guy.


They say it’s never too early to start reading to your kids, y’know…