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I’m loading the moving truck as we speak…

May I brag on Jeff for a minute?


We all know I have the smartest, kindest, most handsomest husband ever, right? (I think consensus must be “yes”).  After all, last year he landed the awesome clerkship that sent us here to LA.  Which is why we’re living in a little apartment in South Pasadena now, spending a year seeing the sights and making friends and working really hard for an amazing judge.


So why do you think Simon might be decked out in his finest celebratory attire and grinning from ear to ear?

Because by jove, Daddy’s done it again!


Yep, my aforementioned brilliant/nice/dashing husband, the father of my child, one of my top two most favorite people in the world, has procured a highly-coveted federal circuit court clerkship for next fall!  He’ll be working for a judge in the Sixth Circuit.


A judge who happens to work in…

(this is not a skyline one likely recognizes upon sight)




I may be the only person in the history of the *world*to actually say aloud “OMG YAY WE’RE LEAVING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND MOVING TO AKRON!”


But I mean it.  Every blessed word of it.  LA is nice enough, sure, but you know it ain’t my scene.


My beloved future hometown is just a hop skip and jump away from two blogfriends, firmly in the land of proper winter and nice people and affordable housing.  Jeff says the city reminds him a lot of Columbia, which I find very promising because Columbia is my second-favorite midwestern city (after, y’know, Duluth.)




I can’t wait. I want to start packing now.




Next year, y’all. OMG.

(ganked from here)


Granted, it’s only for another year (just like how this current clerkship is just a year).  But still.  It’s a year!*


We’re a happy house (err…small apartment), guys.  And I hope y’all are too.




*Just like last year, the firm in DC is going to hold Jeff’s job open for another year.  The only thing a firm loves better than an associate who clerks is an associate who clerks twice!

PS> My new most favorite gif ever:

(full clip here)