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Now it’s official

We told our families last week and posted it on Facebook on Sunday, but it’s not official until The Blog knows:

Simon is going to be a big brother! 🙂

We’re about 16 weeks pregnant (found out on Nov. 21), which means we’re looking at a late July-ish arrival date.  So far this pregnancy is super easy like my last one, complicated only by the fact that it’s about ten times more exhausting to chase around a toddler than to sit at a desk all day.  We found a great midwife who really jives with our philosophy (which is lucky; there aren’t many home birth midwives in Ohio, much less ones who actually bring medical supplies to births and have a friendly working relationship with docs at the local hospital in the event of transfer).  Simon still doesn’t really get what’s going on, but that’s to be expected since he’s so young.  We’re reading lots of books on the topic and I’m going to get him a baby doll at Target, but I doubt he’ll really get it until Hoopling #2 (temporarily called Garfunkel, naturally) actually shows up.

So yay babies!

Our weekend was pretty good.  Friday after Simon’s ped checkup we had lunch with Jeff, then Simes and I went to Canton and got him some clothes for spring at Once Upon a Child, and a few maternity pieces for myself (most of my things from last time aren’t nursing-friendly). We went up to Cleveland on Saturday because Jeff needed some work clothes and I was out of my LUSH face wash stuff.  Definitely not our most exciting adventure, but Simes got some quality Tula Time with his Daddy and I got a change of scenery from Akron for a bit, so it’s all good.  I ran a few errands by myself on Sunday, which was LUXURY.  I missed having someone to talk to as I pushed my cart around Target, but it was nice to browse in peace and not spend my time supervising the wee one as he pushes the shopping cart or tries to wander away.  I treated myself to popcorn and a Diet Coke to make it a real escape 😀  We turned on the football game Sunday night, but we’re not really a football house so it was more about the commercials and halftime show than the stupid game.

I know it’s not quite the same, but I feel compelled to insert this here:

And I suppose that I am Moss in that scenario.  Goody.

Mr. Cuteness was in rare form yesterday morning:

He was rolling grapes all over the high chair.  Apparently it has juuuust a hint of a slant to it, so he was “racing” them, shooting them like pool balls, the whole nine yards.  I made a video but, in true toddler fashion, he stopped as soon as the camera came out:

After breakfast we actually went BACK up to Cleveland to hunt down a couple fabrics that my local JoAnn doesn’t carry, then stopped by a quilt shop in Hudson that I’d heard good things about.  I got a few half-yard lengths for my stash.  Maybe to go into Garfunkel’s quilt; maybe not.

I’d love to tell you all about what I’m working on right now, but it must remain secret for a while yet.  But it’s going to be awesome!  HINT:

And no, I promise you on my great-great-great grandmother’s grave that it has nothing to do with Garfunkel.  For serious.  (Just like last time, we’re not finding out if it’s a boy or girl)

Since driving all over northeast Ohio seems to be my hobby as of late, today we went down to Canton for some lunch and shopping with Kathy.  We went to this place called The Flower Factory, which is a closeout store sort of like a Michael’s-meets-HomeGoods.  I can’t show you any pictures of my finds yet because they’re in the car and I’m lazy (HONESTY), but I got a couple delicious candles, some seasonal decorations for next fall and winter, and a few random craft supplies.  All told, we spent about two hours wandering around just looking at everything.  That place is like a dream!  I can’t wait to go back 🙂

Here’s one pic that I grabbed in the store:

Just aisle after aisle of heavily discounted seasonal stuff, decor, craft supplies, party items, and (I wish I’d gotten a picture of this) disposable “spa thongs”.  Needless to say, I stocked up.  I hate having to re-use my spa thongs.

We enjoyed a long lunch and catch-up session at Max and Erma’s, and Simon got some quality attention that he is sooooooo desperately lacking (or so he says).  We’re so lucky to have a friend in Kathy! ❤

My little dragon also got the awesomest present ever:  his very own castle!

Kathy, he has had SO much fun playing with it, ever since he woke up from his nap!   Thank you SO SO SO MUCH.

Apparently the king needed a kiss:

In our version, the DRAGON is the master and sits on the throne:

OK well somebody is staring at me and shaking an empty snack dish my direction, so I believe I’m being summoned.  Have a great evening, everyone!


Mine. All mine.

At long last



Click on over to Two Closets to see more!


And many thanks to my parents for the lovely belated birthday gift.  I will love them forever.  The boots and the parents.



It had to happen sooner or later

Dear LLBean,

I just did something I’ve never done before.

I received an item from LLBean, and then sent it back.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I don’t think that has *ever* happened before.  Every LLBean product I’ve ever owned has completely exceeded my expectations – from my favorite armchair, to my ten-year-old (and still going strong!) wool-lined slippers, to my camera/overnight bag, to my myriad skirts, jackets, sweaters and dresses.*

I guess the streak had to end sometime, huh?

This bag (photo taken right before I repackaged it for return) just wasn’t right for me.  Not the right color, not quite big enough, not quite stylish enough, not quite comfortable enough.  Just…not quite right.  (For me.  You may have a different experience.)

Wrote you a review.  It’s here.  And it’s long, and probably too detailed.  Clearly I’m quite passionate about…small canvas bagsw.

Well, be that as it may…

I still love you, LLBean.  Please forgive me, ok?

I’m wearing your rainjacket today if that makes things any better.

Hugs & Kisses,


PS>I’ll be OK, bag-wise.  I just ordered this from Zappos and it should arrive today and I think it’ll meet my needs a lot better.

PPS>I think it goes without saying that neither Zappos nor LLBean have any idea who I am, and would probably avoid me if we were at the same party.


*Shameless Two Closets link, there.

Cover my bum

Now that we’re entering St. Louis’s rainy fall season, I should probably start thinking about a saddle cover for Holly.  She’s currently sporting one of these dealiebobs:

(photo source)

The Kmart shopping bag *is* charming in its own special way – with its simple, cheerful red-and-white color scheme, versatile form and ironic plastic-y-ness.  But for whatever reason, I feel like Holly deserves *better*.

So away to Etsy I go!

This beauty sticks with the red and white palette:

But in a bit classier way, eh?  By KatieKouture, and can be custom-made to fit my narrower Serfas saddle.

Ooh or what about *blue*?

Though that one isn’t oilcloth or anything, so this one may be more about form over function.  By SewCreativeBySara.  So cute!

But I think I’ll pass on these…

Seems like those horns and ears might look kinda silly from under my bum. 😛

What the heck…maybe I’ll just DIY my own 🙂 (horn-less and ear-less though, methinks.)

Can any of you other cycling types recommend pretty and functional seat covers?

Friday Favorites – 6/26/10

Unexpected things which are making Americans fat.  I cannot help but notice that “eating and exercising moderately” are absent from the list.

Funny ’cause it’s true.

With a name like “buttermilk pie bars” it’s gotta be healthy, right?

Crazy feminist homebirthing rant o’ the week.  I love it.


Vegan goodness!

Great compilation from FreeRangeKids.

It’s about freaking time!

Delicious and simple – why didn’t I ever think of this?

So eerie.

I fail to see the fail.

I *adore* Kate’s new window birds – and now I need my own! 😀

Lemon cardamom chai cupcakes.  No further persuasion necessary.

Upcycling at its finest.

Now I want to move to a transition town.  Perfection? I think so.

Love this house.

I have glasses – what does that make me?

I…there…uh….no words.

Great thank-you note from Johnny Depp, here.


Hey mainstream media!

great new blog  – Simply Bike!  From S. at Academichic 🙂

It’s a very food-linky week, but how could I resist sharing chicken satay?

OK one more – portobello risotto.  NOW I’m done 😀


For ages and ages I’ve been on the lookout for one of those wicker picnic baskets – you know, the old-fashioned type?  I’d seen a few around, but they were either uglycheap, or super $$$.

Little did I know that that the perfect one had been hiding in my awesome mother-in-law’s basement.*

Isn’t it lovely!  It had been sitting, hidden in the dark, for over three decades.  Just waiting for me to come along and love it 🙂

The basket also comes with this:

“in four beautiful plastic colors!” 😀

(no pictures of the individual plates &etc., but they’re supercute – great vintage colors!)

And this:

So cheerful!  And metal-y! And happy! And cute!

I plan on drinking cheap wine out of those mugs, and eating hummus off those plates.  Since you asked.

I know you didn’t ask.  But I know you care.

I wasn’t a huge fan of yellow before.  I felt pretty neutral to it, as a color.

But now I adore it.

I mean, how could you resist?

The plan for this weekend is to *finally* (hopefully) make it to the Saturday night showing of Hamlet at The Shakespeare Festival; Jeff still hasn’t been this season and I don’t want him to miss out!  And our lovely new picnic basket will definitely be accompanying us 🙂

Thank you so much, Linda!


*No, she doesn’t have a million dollars hiding in there.  Or the holy grail.  Or Jimmy Hoffa.  I asked.

Ye Olde Wish List

OK first off – it’s nowhere NEAR my birthday, Festivus, Kate Appreciation Day, or any other common gift-giving holidays.  HOWEVER, as I am exceedingly fond of my own taste in…(what’s the right word?)…STUFF, I thought some of y’all might like to see what’s making my credit card itch this week.  Of course it runs the gamut from “incredibly practical” to “in yer dreams, girlie” 🙂

Think of it as an “If I won the lottery, I’d buy…” exercise.


Morelle Patchwork bag, in orange:

If this isn’t the most perfect all seasons knock around bag, then I don’t know what is.  That buttery golden orange absolutely couldn’t be more gorgeous, and you can see through your computer screen how soft it must be.  I just discovered this today, but I’m already certain that I’ll die if I don’t obtain it at some point in the future.  I WILL DIE.


KitchenAid Pasta Maker attachment:

I could make my own macaroni and lasagne! How stinkin’ cool is THAT?!  My mixer wants a friend.


John Fluevog Chinoa boots, in brown:

I blogged these on Two Closets a few weeks ago.  Then I visited them in person two weekends ago.  And now they WON’T GET OUT OF MY BRAIN.  I ❤ these boots so freaking hard I can hardly stand it.  J’adore everything about them.


Rivendell Necklace by PoleStarJewelry on Etsy:

I’ve been following this lovely lady’s Etsy shop for about a billion years, and continue to be in awe of her gorgeous work.  LOVE the wire wrapping and the beautiful stones.  (Like in the Artemis Necklace, too! WOW!)  Each piece seems like a real treasure, and hopefully some day one of these treasures will be mine…


iHome alarm clock:

Only I would put this little darling in my kitchen – I have just the spot picked out for it – and listen to music while I bake and it would keep me company if/when Jeff runs off across the country for a summer internship.  Seriously, if he interns in Minneapolis or something I’m going to buy one of these.  And maybe between it and the dog I can prevent myself from going *completely* stir crazy.


This belt, by AudraJean (aka Audi, aka Fashion for Nerds):

(only maybe custom done in black)

Is that not the most awesome belt you’ve ever seen? EVER?  I know, right?  (click through the link to see an amazing back view of it).  I can think of about 45 outfits I’d wear this with, RIGHT. NOW.


A huge-ass print of Miranda, The Tempest (JW Waterhouse, 1916) to hang over our sofa:

Isn’t that beautiful?  I *love* PRB


For next winter (and I’m well aware that this is the second pair of “OMG NEED” boots in this post…), LLBean shearling lined weatherproof boots:

I have a pair of Wicked Good scuff slippers that are shearling lined, and they’re about 10 years old and still as warm as they day I got them (for Christmas).  The website says these boots will be back in stock on May 27th, and I may seriously buy them then.  And wait ’till next winter, then style them like What Would a Nerd Wear does.  Because isn’t she adorable?


Le Creuset 3-qt enameled cast iron saucepan:

I’m pretty sure that with this, my dutch oven, my 2 qt copper-bottomed pan, my wok and my $12 cast iron pan, I’d be set for cookware for life. (not for bakeware, mind you.  Just cookware).  Well, a cast-iron two burner griddle would be nice, too.  And a tiny cast iron pan.  And maybe a 1 qt copper-bottomed pan.  But THEN I’d be set.


Finally, another tattoo.  And that’s all I’ll say about that for now 😉

So that was a fun little romp through my imaginary shopping list, no? What’s on your list (real or fantasy)?

And now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to buy a Powerball ticket…